PUBLISHED: 12:12 AM 13 Jan 2018

Ambassador Collects $13 Billion From U.S. Then Audaciously Blasts President For False Words

Martin Walsh by

Clinton corruption with Haitian officials is the real story.

While liberals in the media and Haitian officials condemned comments allegedly made by President Donald Trump, leftists are conveniently overlooking the major Clinton Foundation scandal some took part in.

On Thursday, the media lost its mind following a report that Trump said he didn’t want to give immigration protections to people from “s**thole” counties such as Haiti and Africa.

The White House has denied Trump ever made such comments, but that didn’t stop Haiti’s Ambassador to the United States Paul Altidor – who has taken $13 billion in aid from the U.S. – from condemning Trump despite admitting he didn’t even speak with anyone at the White House to see if the report was true.

But if people are going to be upset about anything involving Haiti, it should be the Clinton Foundation scandal following the devastating earthquake nearly a decade ago.

As a matter of fact, no two individuals have enjoyed more power than the Clintons following the catastrophic Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake, where credible reports suggest the Clinton family exploited the opportunity to pocket tens of millions of dollars.

The Clintons have a special relationship with Haiti.

As reported by the New York Post, the Clintons encouraged other nations to invest millions of dollars in the donations to the Clinton Foundation to help with recovery efforts in Haiti, but $20 million went “off the books” without any questions being asked.

The Post reports:

“The little-known Haiti Development Fund, an LLC incorporated in Delaware in August 2010, was created by the Clinton Foundation with an initial endowment of $20 million from shady Canadian mining mogul Frank Giustra and Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

The Fund was supposed to supply desperately needed seed money to Haitian entrepreneurs after an earthquake devastated the country in January 2010.

But The Post found only one project that it funded with a fraction of the start-up cash.”

The Clintons have a history of taking money for political favors.

The Post reported that several top Haiti officials were likely involved in the scandal, with other reports suggesting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used some of the money to pay for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

While Trump has denied the latest claims from the media, there’s actual substantial evidence to suggest that the Clinton Foundation exploited the Haiti earthquake to funnel money from foreign nations into their own coffers.

There’s your real scandal, not some unverified claims from Democrats that Trump said something mean.

Source: True Pundit