Alfie Evans Order

PUBLISHED: 8:46 PM 24 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 8:47 PM 24 Apr 2018

Alfie Evans Survives For 15 Hours After Hospital Pulls Him Off Life Support

The little baby lived for 15 hours after the hospital inhumanely shut him off life support and water.

England is refusing to allow the hospital to keep Evans on life support.

The case involving little Alfie Evans has just taken another major turn. According to the Express U.K., Evans survived more than 15 hours after the hospital in England inhumanely yanked his life support.

Italian National Institute of Health, Walter Ricciardi slammed England’s High Court for refusing to allow Evans the medical treatment he needs to stay alive. The Institute, who has been doing everything imaginable to help the family, called England’s decision “inhumane.”

His parents, Tom Evans and Kate James, revealed that Evans continues to defy predictions from medical experts and doctors who claimed he would die within minutes of being taken off life support.

Around 15 hours ago, Evans parents begged and pleaded with the hospital to keep their son on life support and preserve his life. The hospital refused to keep him on life support and preserve his oxygen levels, and instead reportedly told the parents to prepare for the death of their son.

Twelve hours after the hospital inhumanely yanked his life support, the family said their “little warrior” was still fighting and asked for people to pray for their family. A few hours after, the family said they gave Evans some water and oxygen.

The family also reported that Evans immediately began looking healthy and adjusting well despite the hospital removing his life support and oxygen.

The decision to pull Evans life support and oxygen follows the family losing their appeal in court on Monday night to delay the withdrawal of treatment. The family appealed the ruling to keep their son alive, but the courts in England are ruling that the hospital can no longer provide treatment because it would be “inhumane” to keep the baby alive.

No, it’s inhumane, disgusting, and sickening that the courts are forcing this family to watch their child slowly die when all the hospital has to do is provide life support to keep him alive.

What about the power of prayer and religion? What about miracles? The courts don’t care about that and are essentially ordering the 23-month-old baby to be put to death.

The family has been trying to have the case moved to Italy, where the government said it would grant Evans citizenship and provide medical treatment, but the High Court in England won’t allow it.

The father said England removing the life support is “straight up execution,” saying he cannot fathom why the courts are refusing to allow the baby to live.

Evans suffers from a rare neurological disease that’s attacking his body from within and stunting his ability to grow and develop. The case has dominated worldwide coverage for more than a year as just about everyone supports Evans right to live.

Rather than give the little baby a chance to stay alive, the courts in England are essentially sentencing him to death.