Alfie Evans' Doctors Charged?

PUBLISHED: 3:55 PM 26 Apr 2018

Alfie Evans’ Father Plans To Charge Charge Doctors With Conspiracy To Murder Son

The father is planning to hold the doctors accountable for allowing his son to suffer.

Alfie Evans father is suing the doctors for refusing to treat his son.

The father of little Alfie Evans has smacked three doctors with a lawsuit for conspiracy to murder his son after the hospital refused to keep the child on life support and oxygen… even water, according to Independent Journal Review.

On Wednesday, the hospital in socialist-controlled England, where Evans is staying, forcibly removed his life support and oxygen. His parents have been literally take turns giving him mouth-to-mouth to keep him alive. Moreover, in the ‘free country’ of England where the single payer health system rules all, these people are not even allowed to leave the country.

Just let that sink in.

Essentially, this family is PRISONER to socialist rule. What free country exists where a family is not allowed to leave on vacation?

Evans suffers from a rare neurological disease that stunts his ability to grow and develop, but treatment has shown time and time again that he can live with treatment. Yet, with government healthcare, that is too expensive… but, the government won’t allow them to leave and get free treatment, which wouldn’t cost a dime.

His parents, Tom Evans and Kate James, are suing because the High Court inhumanely ordered their son to death by refusing to allow him to be treated. The Court has also forbidden transport to Italy, where Italian National Institute of Health, Walter Ricciardi, said he will provide treatment to keep Evans alive.

Why is England refusing to treat a young child, ordering his parents to watch him slowly die, and them claiming the child is a prisoner and can’t leave the country?

RedState’s Kira Davis perfectly surmised what is driving this grossly abhorrent tragedy: socialism.

Davis notes that in order for England to impose it’s socialist health care system, it must treat its people like prisoners to force citizens into believing socialism is the best practice. And if it doesn’t work in his case, England has conceded that little Alfie’s life didn’t matter and was worth the sacrifice.

Davis writes:

“What is not logical and nearly incomprehensible is the decision of the court not simply to deny Alfie further treatment, but then deny his right and the right of his parents to leave the country to seek treatment elsewhere.”

“Italy had already sent an airlift equipped to take the young child. His transportation and hospital provisions were covered by donations and the state of Italy. In fact, to move Alfie out of the care of the NHS would only save them money and labor. Alfie’s parents would have one more shot at rescuing his life. It seems like a win-win for everyone.”

It’s cruel, but this is logical and a direct result of a single-payer system and socialized medicine — which, by the way, many democrats want for Americans.

The lawsuit by Evans comes after the family lost their appeal in court on Monday to delay the withdrawal of treatment.

The family is doing everything they can to keep their baby alive, and if England would let them take Alfie to Italy, he would get all of the treatment he needs that would likely keep him alive.

But the socialist leaders won’t allow it, thereby treating the family as prisoners and apparently hoping the baby dies so they can use it to show the “benefits” of socialism. The High Court keeping the family as prisoners and forcing them to watch their son die without any treatment perfectly encapsulates the effects of socialism.

This is what socialism looks like, and why it can never be allowed to take root in the United States.