Electoral College Challenge

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 3 Dec 2020
UPDATED: 7:11 PM 3 Dec 2020

Alabama Rep. Announces Plan To Challenge Electoral College Votes On Jan. 6

This is awesome… finally some Republicans are getting behind the president and the people of the United States.

Good. (Source: YouTube Screenshot CSPAN)

In a move that has drawn the thanks of President Trump (in a tweet that has somehow disappeared in less than 3 hours), and the American people, Republican Representative Mo Brooks has announced his plan to challenge the Electoral College cote on January 6.

Just the News reported:

Brooks has been telling his plan to fellow House members and might follow without the backing of Senate Republicans, according to Politico.

To trigger such a legislative effort, at least one member from the House and the Senate must challenge the results of the Electoral College vote.

Brooks called the November election “badly flawed,” and mail-in voting “unconstitutional.” 

“In my judgment, if only lawful votes by eligible American citizens were cast, Donald Trump won the Electoral College by a significant margin, and Congress’s certification should reflect that,” Brooks told Politico. “This election was stolen by the socialists engaging in extraordinary voter fraud and election theft measures.”

Brooks also said he does not believe the Supreme Court possesses the authority to overturn the results of this election.

“A lot of time is being wasted in court,” he said. “The Supreme Court does not have the lawful authority to determine whether to accept or reject a state’s Electoral College submissions. Under the United States Constitution and U.S. law, that is the job and duty of elected officials … And so it’s the United States Congress that is the final judge and jury of whether to accept or reject Electoral College submissions by states, and to elect who the president and vice president of the United States might be.”

Brooks, who has been in Congress since 2011, is a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus.

Today, Georgia senators are hearing loads of election fraud evidence. And last night, the evidence brought out in Michigan hearings show a clear and coordinated effort to rig the presidential vote.