PUBLISHED: 7:42 PM 20 Dec 2017

BREAKING: Alabama Begins Investigation As Viral Vote Confession Open Floodgates

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has announced the opening of an investigation for voter fraud in the Alabama Special Election.

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has announced the opening of an investigation for voter fraud in the Alabama Special Election.

The Alabama Special Election that was supposed to fill newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Session’s Senate seat occurred a little over a week ago but the race is not technically over.  Conservative candidate Roy Moore was declared the loser by the main stream media but his lack of concession might suggest he knows something they do not.  Now the race takes a new turn as evidence from a video confession has forced the Alabama Secretary of State to announce a voter fraud investigation.

This is not a recount but an official investigation that must take place to ensure that accuracy prevailed and corruption did not win the day.  Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has stated the reason they are seeking an investigation is due to a video confession that has gone viral over the internet detailing voter fraud.  The foolish and liberal college aged individual in the video revealed to the cameras that he, and others, came from around the country and worked hard to get Democrat Doug Jones elected by canvassing and even voting.

This has spurred outrage as the people of Alabama seem to have had their election decided by others from around the country.  It is no longer a secret that Democrats employ vicious individuals to organize the activists and transport them to voting stations around the area that is up for grabs.  This was all revealed this past election when Project Veritas got undercover footage of a Democrat agent, Scott Foval, to admit to all of this on camera.

Authorities are encouraging anyone with information about this man to come forward. His admission to illegal voter manipulation is confirmation that there is more at play here than just partisan shenanigans.

Democratically elective individuals is one of the founding principles of the republic.  This means that if even one person from out of the state of Alabama voted then it is an actual atrocity taking place before our eyes.  This is how liberty dies as the most corrupt and wealthy candidates, who pay their activists and potential voters, win out over those who campaign on policy.

This is not even the only instance of voting fraud that has been mentioned about this Special Election.  The numbers from the state are just not making clear sense as Doug Jones got more African American votes than Barack Obama did in 2008.  Democrats did not even run someone against Jeff Sessions a few years ago because the race was so hopeless and now all of a sudden they win with a  92% turnout?

Many have cited the fact that only a mere 50% of Republicans showed up to vote when their counterparts had 92% participation rates.  This is ridiculous to imagine because Jeff Sessions got more votes in a uncontested election a few years ago than Moore did this past week.  This means that the people of Alabama were more motivated to vote for someone in an election that did not matter than they were when everything mattered? Something stinks and the people of Alabama are going to find out what it is.

It’s almost impossible to imagine that the people of Alabama felt more obligated to vote for Sessions when he ran unopposed a few years ago then a week ago with Moore. His positions make him an ideal fit for the role of Alabama Senator and yet only half of Republicans showed up?

Merrill has stated that because of the video, they are going to have to investigate any other instances of voter fraud taking place.  Although he did mention that he has not seen any actual evidence of voter fraud taking place, an investigation must take place as the individual from the video made it quite clear that he was not from Alabama but voted anyway.  Merrill also stated that anyone with any information about the individual, who was bragging during a Jones celebration party that they came from across the country to vote, should come forward with any additional information.

The Secretary of State has reached out to the Jones campaign and mentions that although they have been cooperative so far, they could not identify the individual in question.  They stated that there was no way to get access to the information of the thousands of people who came from organizations to help, a likely excuse.  Needless to say, if Democrats were able to rig an election in Alabama then no seat is safe from their corruption.

The investigation could dramatically change the outcome of the race as Roy Moore has yet to concede officially.  His stance against the deep state machine that worked relentlessly to discredit and smear his character is only bolstering his position and this evidence tips the balance in his favor.  Anyone who is just willing to let this slide or simply move on is not realizing that if a group just gets to pick their candidate than this is not a Republic, it’s a slave state.

This could prove to be one of the most important elections to occur if it reveals levels of voter fraud that were previously thought impossible. If they steal this seat in Alabama then they can steal one anywhere.

Or, it is nothing more than a banana republic where oligarchs pick the puppet tyrant.

Below is a recording of the original video as YouTube has no doubt been removing the evidence of Democrat corruption.  Decide for yourself to see if this falls in line with what everyone already knows.