Employee Caught Smuggling

PUBLISHED: 10:43 PM 23 Mar 2018

Airline Employee Arrested Returning From Jamaica, Cocaine Taped To Legs

The cocaine has a street value of around $160,000.

A drug smuggler found out that committing the crime was not as easy as they had hoped.

As drug smugglers attempt to evade the laws (which are often as harmful as the drugs), many have seen sales taking place in fast food drive-thrus’ and even those who take their drugs into court with them (really). So, it stands to reason that if the local McDonalds is going to have such issues to deal with, major airlines would, too. Despite tight security, CNS Philly shows that this is very much the case.

In New York, an unnamed “crew member” was taken into custody from a Fly Jamaica Airways flight “for attempting to smuggle cocaine into the United States,” as confirmed by the US Customs and Border Protection. The man was taken into a “private search room at JFK International Airport in New York on March 17,” according to the agencies statement.

It is known that his plane had just arrived from Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Federal agents found four separate packages strapped the man’s legs. The total weight of the cocaine being smuggled was nine pounds, an absolute fortune on the street, worth roughly $160,000.

Somewhere, a very, very unhappy drug dealer has just lost a staggering amount of money.

Photos show the person in their airline uniform with their “pants pulled down,” revealing “white tape around his thighs and ankle.” It is easy to wonder how many times this ploy was done in the past and how successful it was.

If the crime had been done before, the payment surely was quite high. Rather than just being grateful for any past success that may have taken place, however, it looks like the desire for more and more won out at the end of the day.

As a result, the suspect was “charged with federal narcotics smuggling and will be prosecuted by the US Attorney’s Office.” Their high-flying career in the skies has come to a crashing end and they have only themselves to blame.

None of this is to say that the “War On Drugs” is a wondrous success, because it is not. It leads to a demand that leads to gangs which leads to bloodshed. That being said, a person makes a certain amount of promises when they take on a job in this field, and those promises are not made under force.

Therefore, even if there was no war on drugs, the safety of everyone on board needs to be the only priority while on the clock, something that one worker just did not seem to grasp.