EPA Chief Resigns

PUBLISHED: 9:29 PM 5 Jul 2018

Agency Head Resigns After Constant Investigations

Although there was never any evidence of wrongdoing, the constant, relentless attacks on his character eventually got to the Director.

Scott Pruitt, one of the longest-serving members of the Trump administration, stepped down today in the face of unrelenting and factually deficient claims against him by the political left.

Scott Pruitt was confirmed to head the Environmental Protection Agency shortly after Donald Trump won the presidency. With his background in related work, and his history of going up against the agency when it was operating essentially out-of-control during the Barack Obama presidency, he seemed like a slam-dunk appointment for the position. In fact, he’s been doing an awesome job. But, of course, that means he’s a target to unhinged leftists.

Sadly, after nearly a year and a half in the position, Mr. Pruitt has resigned from the leadership of the EPA, and President Donald J. Trump accepted his resignation. After being ‘plagued’ by numerous scandals, and by constant and “unrelenting attacks” from leftists and the media, it seems like the former leader might have stepped down just to stop the flow of negative press to his position and the President.

Almost since he took office, the political left began to complain about the way that the new head of the EPA operated the organization, especially complaining about allegations of ties to oil and gasoline companies and other energy groups. The EPA is a democrat emgine for enacting job-killing policies and other abominable practices. Pruitt was ending them.

They complained about almost everything he did, in fact.

Due to anger over Hillary Clinton’s loss to the Trump campaign, and to a media more than happy to foment fear for their own personal profit, the Pruitt EPA (and the federal government under Trump in general) spent more money on security than in the past.

He was forced to hire a 20-person security team that protected him around the clock, day and night, a security team more than three times as large as the Obama administration’s EPA heads had to employ.

Due to this, he spent about double what his predecessors did on security. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a democrat perhaps best known for recommending using the Internal Revenue Service to target conservative advocacy groups, suggested that the EPA chief unlawfully used his security detail during the Rose Bowl, or during personal travel to Disneyland.

Leftists also demanded to know what role the former head of his security detail, Pasquale Perrotta, played in spending decisions for the agency before he left in May.

Perotta, also known as Nino, didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Investigators were also looking into ‘thousands of dollars’ of purchases of firearms and ballistic vests for the agency, although they didn’t seem to mind contracts for billions of dollars of ammunition for the agency during the Obama presidency.

The most recent alleged scandal, however, was linked to Pruitt’s new rental of a Capitol Hill condominium.

According to claims, he rented a local condo that was owned by someone connected to the energy industry. The issue was that the condo was leased at what could easily be considered a ‘sweetheart’ deal for the area, at a price of $50 a day, or about $1,500 a month.

Other complaints that dogged Pruitt’s time at the EPA were that he ‘fostered’ a culture of retaliation and ‘self-dealing,’ or that he spent wastefully.

Some pointed to his purchase of a secure phone booth for $43,000 as evidence that he spent wastefully, although the booth was, according to him, necessary for security reasons.

Other leftists complained about a pair of ‘hidden’ official email accounts from the epa.gov servers. Leftists claimed that this showed he was trying to circumvent various requirements concerning keeping strict records of government communications.

Oddly, many of those same leftists didn’t seem so concerned with the practice when Lois Lerner had at least three additional email addresses while assailing right-leaning groups during her time at the Internal Revenue Service, or when numerous Obama-era officials were caught doing the exact same.

The truth is that the left, from the get-go, didn’t like the selection of Pruitt.

He was a former attorney and state attorney general for one of the few states that sued the government for its absurd EPA regulations and how they were targeting certain industries. When he was nominated to take over the agency, the political left acted as though it was the worst thing to happen to the agency.

Much like the claims that Donald Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia to undermine the election, there is still not any evidence of wrongdoing on Pruitt’s part.

In his resignation, he lamented that he felt forced to leave now, as his agency was doing such ‘transformative’ work, and was changing the way that it was organized and operated.

Until President Trump can nominate and confirm a new EPA head, Andrew Wheeler, Deputy Director of the agency, will be the acting director. According to his tweet, the president thinks that Mr. Wheeler will continue on the good work that his predecessor began.