PUBLISHED: 10:34 PM 10 Mar 2017

AG Sessions Ditches Obama Stance, Reforms Policies To Push Full Legal Prosecution Of Offenders

Attorney General Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions (Pictured Above) Has Vowed To Reform The Former Administration’s Policies On Crime

The election of President Donald Trump signified that the United States was ready to change. The people were ready to move away from the destructive policies of the past eight years. While the Democrats say that former President Barack Obama was a great leader, his policies leave much to be desired.

For one thing, Obama was adamant in moving the nation towards having weak borders. Why else would he eliminate key border security programs and oppose everything that Trump was talking about on the campaign trail? Add in several acts that Obama pushed through, including increasing the amount of refugees coming to the nation, and it’s apparent he wanted to have no borders.

The decision to go towards a borderless nation led to the increase of more criminals coming to the country. Since more criminals came into the country, the crime rate has gone up. Obama didn’t do anything about the rising crime however, therefore putting the safety of the citizens at risk.

The election of Trump was the first step towards reforming these lax policies. The next step was having Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed. Since he was confirmed, the new Attorney General has started to totally reform the former president’s policies towards crime. He is also directing federal prosecutors to use every legal tool at their disposal to remove these criminals.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions doesn't have a full department to complete everyday tasks needed to keep the DOJ running smoothly.

The Attorney General Wants To See These Criminals Gone

Sessions wrote a memo to all the federal prosecutors on Wednesday. “Unfortunately, the most recent crime data available shows a 10.8 percent in murders in this country, while federal prosecutions for violent crimes have been declining.”

In other words, the crimes are rising, but they aren’t getting prosecuted for those crimes. It’s a double whammy that is putting American citizens at risk. Sessions continued his memo:

“It is the policy of the Department of Justice to reduce crime in America, and addressing violent crime must be a special priority. With crime rates rising, this is not an easy task as all professionals know. But, we do have strong evidence that aggressive prosecutions of federal laws can be effective in combatting crime. Our Department’s experience over decades shows these prosecutions can help save lives.”

The rising murder point came from the FBI’s 2015 crime report. It revealed a 10.8 percent increase in murders from 2014 to 2015. That was the largest increase in a single year since 1971. Overall, violent crime increased by 3.9 percent. Major cities were the biggest victims, as they saw a 21.6 percent increase in murders.

This was because of a sudden reversal by Obama. Despite the fact that there was a decades-long decline in violent crime, Obama pushed his “stigmatize-and-federalize” campaign. This was against state and local police following the Ferguson, Missouri riots in August of 2014.

President Barack Obama

It Shouldn’t Be Surprising That Obama Was Behind This

For his part, Sessions has told the 94 federal U.S. Attorney’s Offices to work with the state and local law enforcement officials. They are to “specifically identify the criminals responsible for significant violent crime in their districts,” and make sure that they are prosecuted.

One of the areas that Sessions wants to target specifically is that of drug trafficking. He claims that it is a high contributor to violent crime. “[M]any violent crimes are driven by drug trafficking and drug trafficking organizations. For this reason, disrupting and dismantling those drug organizations through prosecutions under the Controlled Substances Act can drive violent crime down.”

This represents a complete 180-degree turn from the Obama administration’s efforts. They wanted to minimize penalties against the drug traffickers. Obama launching an effort to cut drug traffickers’ sentences highlighted this, with many of them being armed convicts.

Not to mention that he commuted over 1,700 federal prisoners’ sentences before leaving the Oval Office, saying it was “the right thing to do.” This was also noted in 2013, when former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told the prosecutors to not mention the weight of the drugs that were seized from traffickers when filling crime reports.


He Thought It Was “The Right Thing To Do”

This was done to avoid triggering longer sentences. It was bad news for those communities, but fantastic news for the traffickers that wanted to get back into the drug-dealing business. Under Holder, recidivism rates for people charged with drug crimes were a staggering 77 percent, according to a Justice Department study.

As it stands, drug trafficking is a violent system. It’s “inseparable from violent victimization” and the challenges of addiction. More than 47,000 people died due to drug-overdose-related deaths in 2014. Heroin overdoes deaths have gone up significantly, more than tripling between 2010 and 2015. It shouldn’t be surprising that nearly all the heroin that is used in the United States comes from the illegal immigrant drug traffickers.

Basically, once the drug trafficking issue is tackled, the country should see a demise in the crime rate. Sessions added, “By consistently identifying the leading violent offenders in our communities and employing all available tools to hold them accountable, we will combat violent crime.”

This is just one of the many issues that Sessions wants to tackle as Attorney General. Another area that he is particularly interested in is the state of voter ID laws. As it stands, Texas wants to approve new voter ID laws, and Sessions has stated that they are going to support this new legislation.

Unfortunately, Sessions had a bit of a snag with some Democrats. They were trying to get him to follow down the road of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Democrats wanted him to resign. One Democratic Senator boldly claimed that she had never spoken to a Russian Ambassador as part of her committee. That turned out to be a giant lie though.

Share this article to show that Sessions is going to turn around the weak policies that the Obama administration had orchestrated. Sessions has vowed to be tougher on drug crimes and wants to bring violent crime down overall. Now that he is in charge, the United States can finally see safety return to the country.