PUBLISHED: 5:31 PM 13 Apr 2017

After Missile Strike, Syrians Reveal Shocking Nickname For President Trump


Trump has gotten praise from a lot of “haters,” but none was as surprising as what he heard from Syria.

America has been a very divided nation for a long time now. That everyone knows, but the Syrian strike ordered by U.S. President Donald Trump put a different kind of division into being in that certain Democrats who normally despise the leader actually praised him. Most of the European Union nations were thrilled with the action. The same could be said about people in the U.S., as even Hillary Clinton had glowing words for the White House. Meanwhile, the GOP was split between the two camps, with more Constitutional minds like Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) being strongly opposed. When so many people of questionable character are in favor of a military decision, it is cause for concern.

Fortunately, it seems that one group of people are praising that act and, considering that they live there and risk was taken to help them, their say matters. Donald Trump is being called by a new nickname in Syria (and much of the Arab world) today, as the native people are calling the President ” Abu Ivanka al-Amriki.” It translates to “Father of Ivanka, the American,” and according to The Telegraph, it’s a compliment. It is a way of giving praise to his family and him at the same time in speech, and it’s a common way to honor someone in the Middle East.


Trump’s new Syrian nickname is a blessing for him and his family when spoken, according to some forms of Islam.

Even Trump’s favorite fake news site, CNN, had to admit to the fact as they confirmed, “One Syrian tells me the new nom de guerre for President Trump on the ground in Northern Syria is Abu Ivanka al-Amriki.” While the idea of CNN heads turning green as they must report on the admiration that the President is receiving, it should be remembered that the news agency is owned and controlled by handlers who have wanted to see Assad toppled for years. They could just ignore it if they wanted to. Therefore, any accolades from such a news agency must be taken with a heaping spoonful of sugar, so to speak.

It is also being confirmed that even Syrians living in the United States are excited, claiming that Assad has been oppressing and slaughtering those who have attempted to rise against him. The only problem with this is that while the Syrian leader has used a heavy hand on those who oppose him, many of those that do so are with ISIS and groups like them. There is Assad’s circle, the Syrian’s who want him gone, those who want him to REMAIN (who voted for him), and ISIS/terrorist groups. There are not only two sides to this, but as it can be seen, at least four. ISIS, of course, is at war with the others if they are not sharia Islam.


Praise and thanksgiving are coming from those in Syria to Mr. Trump.

Even still, “When I saw President Trump and the United States taking action for the first time after six years of calling for help, we felt happy and grateful,” is what a former Syrian refugee named Kassen Eid said. He escaped from the chemical attacks in 2013, so it is easy to grasp why he feels as he does, though we do not know for sure that Assad was guilty of that attack, either. It all centers around motive. What motive would Assad have for gassing anyone, even ISIS, with chemical weapons? Since such WMD are illegal to have and use, even killing those as inhuman as ISIS with them would be frowned upon and cause for his removal. The whole world would call for it even more loudly if he picked victims who were just regular people, so why would he? It simply makes no sense.

In Syria, the outpouring of love is taken to the level of almost being creepy, with shop owners changing the names of their stores to “Trump” in some way. Others are wanting to name their children after America’s leader, another very high honor in Muslim nations. Considering that the President is Christian and some of his family are Jewish in faith, that is quite a win for Mr. Trump. This is the kind of support that America needs if war is be averted. Sure, this was a strike, but a battle/strike is not a war and the White House has promised that this is not going to “spiral out of control.” Even if this love is based on Assad hatred more than American or Trump “love,” so be it, we will take it. This is a golden first step.


Syrian leader Assad (pictured) has held strongly to his story that he did NOT use chemical weapons in 2013 nor now. Then again….it was illegal to make them to start with.

Believing the lies of the MSM in America, Najim Hassan, who is living in an area controlled by those who oppose Assad, said, “Maybe you in the West hate Trump, but he has already done far more for us than Obama. We love him because he does more than he says, he’s a man of action and at least he gives us something to hope for.” Thankfully, the West does not hate him to the degree that we are told. Major cities voted for Clinton since they are programmed to be liberal areas, in most instances, but the amount of “red” seen on election day was enough to send bulls charging.

Now it can be asked, “Is it America’s job to be going around the world ‘giving something to hope for‘”? It sounds quite noble as stated, but when peeled past the “feel good” element, Hassan means nation building. While the rebels get “hope,” history has warned us that that “hope” can lead to occupations, war, bloodshed, and more terrorism. Then again, Reagan showed us that if done right, a country can be hit once with such force that the leader shapes up. This happened in Libya and it did NOT lead to boots on the ground.

GRAPHIC CONTENT A handout image released by the Syrian opposition's Shaam News Network shows bodies of children and adults laying on the ground as Syrian rebels claim they were killed in a toxic gas attack by pro-government forces in eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus on August 21, 2013. The allegation of chemical weapons being used in the heavily-populated areas came on the second day of a mission to Syria by UN inspectors. It was promptly denied by the Syrian authorities. AFP PHOTO/HO/SHAAM NEWS NETWORK == RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO / HO / SHAAM NEWS NETWORK" - NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS - AFP IS USING PICTURES FROM ALTERNATIVE SOURCES AS IT WAS NOT AUTHORISED TO COVER THIS EVENT, THEREFORE IT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DIGITAL ALTERATIONS TO THE PICTURE'S EDITORIAL CONTENT, DATE AND LOCATION WHICH CANNOT BE INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED ==

Horrid photos of death are used to show Assad’s evil, but many ask, what if he is innocent of the charge and is being attacked for it?

The question is, if Assad did not do this unspeakable evil, then how is the nation going to “shape up” as Libya did after Reagan? Kaddaffi was guilty of multiple highjacking attempts, amid other things, and it was well known. With Assad, such luxuries as solid facts are not as apparent, so acting with the military is like playing Russian roulette, just with real Russians! Still, it is nothing short of miraculous that Trump may yet pull out of this sewer of a mess smelling like a rose, and that is some wonderful news for America and freedom. That means for those of us who voted for him and those who may not have. It may be that no matter who did the attack, Assad or not, America has hit them so hard that they won’t be repeating the error.

If so, Trump was right again.