Trump Pro-Black

PUBLISHED: 11:19 PM 6 Aug 2018

African-American Pastor Declares Donald Trump Most Pro-Black President

According to an African-American pastor, Donald Trump is the most pro-black president he has ever seen in his lifetime, as well as being the one most friendly to religious rights.

An African-American pastor declared that Donald Trump was the most 'pro-black' president he'd ever seen in his life.

Since President Donald Trump won the 2016 election and beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the presidency, it seems like the media and the political left have consistently tried to accuse him of every negative ‘ism’ they could think of. In fact, when asked what’s wrong with his leadership, most leftists seem prone to answer either about some sort of suspected bigotry or mention the ongoing Russian ‘collusion’ investigation.

However, one pro-Trump pastor has said that quite contrary to those claims, President Donald J. Trump has been the most “pro-black” president that he has ever seen in his lifetime. Last week Wednesday, he made that statement in front of a White House gathering of faith leaders, and also explained why he thought Obama wasn’t the most pro-black. Finally, someone gets it!

Pastor Darrell Scott, who is an ardent supporter of Donald Trump, is also the co-founder of the President’s National Diversity Coalition. He was one of almost twenty religious leaders who attended the event, along with a number of lawmakers.

According to a White House transcript of the meeting, Scott declared that President Trump’s administration was the most “pro-active administration” when it came to urban America and the ‘faith-based’ community of religious leaders that he had seen in his life.

Scott continued on to declare that this president seemed to want to prove something, both to the ‘ethnic’ community and to the faith-based community.

The pastor also criticized former President Barack Hussein Obama, suggesting that he hadn’t felt a need to ‘prove’ himself to the religious or black communities in the United States.

During the meeting, the President talked about his efforts on prison reform which included getting a bipartisan bill passed through the house in May.

He also bragged about the current low unemployment rate for Americans, including African Americans, a topic he has repeatedly touted his record on.

President Trump has earned praise from a number of celebrities in the African American community, including famed rapper Kanye West and conservative YouTube personalities Diamond and Silk.

Obviously, he has also earned the respect and praise of Darrell Scott.

Barack Obama’s economic policies added expense to hiring employees and made it less profitable for many companies to hire staffs of low-skilled employees. Because of this, the black community suffered high unemployment during the Obama years, especially those looking to enter the job market without degrees or certifications.

Such policies had an extremely negative impact on employment of African Americans, the youth, and other low-skilled job hunters.

Furthermore, the Obama administration seemed to often fight with religious organizations and businesses, particularly over the various mandates included in the ‘Affordable Care Act,’ better known as ‘Obamacare.’

Indeed, the Obama administration had a long-running federal lawsuit, filed by four religious universities that pointed out the mandate to cover various medications involved in prevention and termination of pregnancy, which was only resolved when the Trump administration took office and decided to respect the rights of religious organizations to live by their values.

Even the business Hobby Lobby sued over this requirement in the bill, as they are a business run by certain religious principles (which include having the ‘sabbath’ day, Sunday, off so employees can go to church if they so choose).

It certainly seems like, as far as economics and work are concerned, Donald Trump is the best president for the African-American community in recent years.

Indeed, in December 2017, African-American unemployment dropped to 6.8 percent, the lowest level that had been recorded up to that point since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began collecting such data in 1972.

Still, the media likes to paint President Trump poorly, saying that he refuses to denounce ‘white supremacist’ groups.

The media also seems to have a problem with Trump’s decision to condemn NFL players who decided to kneel to make a ‘political statement.’

Media members and leftist politicians still talk about President Trump’s statement that there were good people on both sides of the Charlottesville protest that resulted in the death of one person and multiple other injuries.

While some see that as him pointing out that there were decent people protesting both for and against the statue, others have suggested it confirms some sort of tacit agreement with racism.

Still, the African-American and religious communities are doing better under President Trump than they were under Obama, and that doesn’t seem to be likely to stop any time soon.