Child Advocate Arrested

PUBLISHED: 9:55 PM 27 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 10:02 PM 27 Jun 2018

‘Advocate’ Against Child Assault Arrested For Unimaginable Crimes

His disgusting actions hypocritically opposed his supposed advocacy.

A liberal advocate was arrested for abusing children while fighting against such assault.

WARNING: Contains extremely disturbing content.

Depending on their focus, advocacy groups can be undeniably helpful in raising awareness to address important issues. However, a sick young man recently nullified the impressive contributions he had made in advocating against child sexual abuse when he was determined to be a pedophile deserving of a lifetime prison sentence.

Despite working for several organizations and even co-founding one himself, Joel Davis, 22, is apparently one of the monsters that he and the liberal advocacy organizations fought to expose. An operation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed that the charity advocate had previously assaulted children as young as nine months old. He was ultimately caught attempting to make arrangements to assault an undercover officer’s fictitious children said to be ages two and nine.

For his disgusting admissions, Davis was rightfully arrested on Tuesday in Manhattan, New York.

Suspected in being involved with sex crimes against children, the FBI had been keeping close watch on Davis, prompting them to launch a sting operation beginning in June.

An undercover officer reached out to Davis several weeks ago, posing as a fellow pedophile. In text message exchanges, Davis graphically admitted to having had abused children in the past. His youngest victim was reportedly only nine months old, but Davis also admitted to encounters with children ages two, six, seven, and thirteen.

Believing that he was communicating with a fellow pervert, Davis reportedly requested to assault the correspondent’s eight-year-old daughter, expressing a desire to “perform oral sex on her.” He also asked his communicator to bring his girlfriend’s two-year-old daughter with him so that Davis could assault her as well.

Prior to the planned meeting, Davis reportedly asked the FBI officer on the receiving end on multiple occasions to send him inappropriate, naked pictures of his children.

While seemingly targeting infants and toddlers, Davis at one point expressed “that he was sexually interested in children of all ages” and then explained the disturbing intentions he had for other victims.

This was reason enough for FBI agents to finally arrest Davis who admitted to his crimes and was also “caught in possession of explicit sex images” on his cell phone, some of which he had distributed.

Those too included crimes inflicted upon children as young as infant age.

While his crimes themselves are the most horrifying, Davis’ situation is aggravated by his previous work in preventing the very assault that he was inflicting on innocent children.

While attending Columbia University in New York, Davis worked with several advocacy groups against child assault and gender violence and ultimately co-founded his own organization, Youth to End Sexual Violence.

Its mission claims to address sexual violence in general, making particular mention of children, women, and LGBT persons.

He had also, up until his arrest, chaired the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict, which has similar goals.

Davis took his advocacy even further when he wrote for the publication Spectator, discussing his claimed personal experiences with sexual assault.

Whether or not he had experienced such abuse in his past, Davis admittedly was ‘experienced’ on the subject, though not in the way his organizations promoted.

FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William Sweeney Jr. referred to Davis’ actions and activism as “the highest degree of hypocrisy by his alleged attempts to sexually exploit multiple minors.”

Davis is being charged with “enticement of a minor to engage in sexual activity, attempted sexual exploitation of a minor, possession of child pornography, and receipt and distribution of child pornography” and is being detained without bail.

An attorney on behalf of the people, Geoffrey Berman, called Davis’ past “as unfathomable as it is sickening.”

Despite being a sexual deviant himself, Davis was successful in raising awareness about assault with his own arrest.

Berman continued that the bureau must increasingly investigate potential child predators, paying close attention to “the darkest corners of the Internet.”

Unfortunately, such hypocrisy could occur among other organizations. Yet Davis’ is particularly despicable considering that he was both trusted and respected.

This is important to note considering the increasing number of often left-leaning advocacy groups which have similar goals surrounding sexual violence, most recently inspired by movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp.

While many of these organizations are obnoxiously led by feminists and other liberals, they generally have commendable goals in their attempts to combat violence.

However, liberals are known for their hypocrisy, as was seen in Davis’ actions as he fought for children while simultaneously abusing them.

Thankfully, if convicted of his crimes, Davis may be facing “70 years in prison.”

Child sex offenders are said to be targets of assault themselves while incarcerated. Considering the horrors that he had previously inflicted on children, Davis deserves everything that may accompany his sentence.