Sorry for Being White

PUBLISHED: 3:53 PM 9 Aug 2019

Actress “Sorry” She Was “Born White And Privileged”

This sort of trend is not only ridiculous, it’s shameful. She’s not sorry she’s made millions as an actress… she’s not sorry she’s won awards…so apparently, she just wants free press.

Others are 'sorry and disgusted she opened her mouth.

In the bizarre minds of Hollywood liberals, the idea that everyone actually cares what they think persists.

In fact, it persists so strongly it leads them to say and do things that actually do make people sit up and take notice… of their insane absurdity.

The latest chuckle comes from Rosanna Arquette. She apologized for being born white, and is apparently ashamed of the privilege she’s received because of it.

Not ashamed enough to give up her millions to poor people of color though…

Breitbart News reported:

“I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame,” the Pulp Fiction actor said on Wednesday.

It’s not clear exactly why the award-winning actress, whose net worth is estimated at about $9 million, announced her shame for being white. But the Crashing star is certainly no stranger to outrageous statements.

On Monday, Arquette posted a photo of herself kneeling in front of dozens of American flags. She captioned the tweet by saying, “I’ll never stand for the flag again.”

I’ll never stand for the flag again.

— Rosanna Arquette (@RoArquette) August 6, 2019

When the Whole Nine Yards star isn’t denouncing her skin color and the American flag, she’s bashing the country and President Donald Trump.

In March, Arquette said President Donald Trump is perpetuating a “sick dictatorship” and running “a government that has normalized racism rape, mass killings from Guns Pedophilia, homophobia.”

She followed up that missive with another, lambasting U.S. immigration and border enforcement. “Children are sick and dying inside the cruel concentration camps in the united states of America this will be the trump administrations legacy.”

Rosanna Arquette isn’t the only blonde award-winning actress to wish she wasn’t white. In 2016, Actress Julie Delpy said she believes there’s “nothing worse than being a woman” in Hollywood and wished she were black instead.

“Two years ago, I said something about the Academy being very white male, which is the reality, and I was slashed to pieces by the media,” the Oscar-winning star told The Wrap. “It’s funny—women can’t talk. I sometimes wish I were African American because people don’t bash them afterward.” Delpy later apologized.

It is funny… it’s funny that these people think we care about their thoughts and feelings… it’s funny that they think they represent voices of reason.

Their very existence is detached from the real world. Yeesh. Pathetic.