Activists Attack Actor

PUBLISHED: 3:33 PM 27 Sep 2018

Actor Attacked By LGBT Community For Promoting New Movie At PR Event

He was reportedly targeted by LGBT activists for speaking at an event that was hosted by the Family Research Council.

Actor Dean Cain recently sparked a massive amount of outrage after speaking at the Family Research Council’s (FRC) Value Voters Summit about his role in an abortionist movie that he had just shot (pictured above).

Just recently, actor Dean Cain, who played Superman on a television series about the comic book hero, spoke at a publicity event that was hosted by an organization known to lobby for the recognition of strict Christian values to promote his new movie about the arrest of Kermit Gosnell, a well-known abortionist, called “Gosnell.”  

Unsurprisingly, upon doing so, he learned firsthand what happens when you support anything that exposes liberal hate.

Specifically, Cain, who claims to be a supporter of the LGBTQ community, was promptly swarmed by an online LGBTQ mob and bashed for supposedly turning a blind eye to bigotry, which is an attack that many people would agree is utterly baseless, shortly after speaking at the Family Research Council’s (FRC) Value Voters Summit about the abortionist movie he had just played a role in.

For example, upon learning about Cain’s presence at an event hosted by the FRC, activists at GLAAD, which is an organization dedicated to supposedly pushing back against misrepresentations of the LGBTQ community in media, went on Twitter and wrote, “we know that you’ve professed your support for LGBTQ people in the past, so why are you speaking at an event hosted by the anti-LGBTQ activists at [the Family Research Council]?”

In a follow-up tweet, the LGBTQ activists at GLAAD added, “here’s the thing, @RealDeanCain: Allies should not turn a blind eye to the people, groups, and rhetoric that propel this event. There is no event on the calendar that is more rabidly against LGBTQ people and our rights.”

By saying this, the leftists seem to basically be suggesting that actors who consider themselves to support gay rights cannot ever promote their movie at a Christian event because doing so would supposedly be supporting hatred.

Many, however, easily recognize such reasoning as being absolutely ridiculous due to the fact that speaking at an event about a movie doesn’t mean the actor necessarily agrees with the message of the movie or the values of the group they’re speaking to.

Another user wrote, “fake ally, actual homophobe?”

A third user tweeted, “Superman is a fascist.”

Amazingly, though, rather than give in to what countless others viewed to be absolutely misguided outrage, Cain actually pushed back against the liberal anger and defended his decision to speak about the film at the event.

“Gosnell tells the story of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell and his killing of live babies at his abortion clinic,” began Cain while speaking to reporters about the incident.

“Hollywood didn’t want to make the movie and didn’t want to distribute it. We had to raise the money on Indiegogo, and many folks were against us making and distributing the film. Even the judge who presided at the trial tried to stop it!” he continued.

“Even though it was completely false that I was targeting or discussing specifically the LGBTQ community, it was very interesting to see the Twitter mob start making baseless accusations, and see the story reprinted over and over again in different digital publications as though it was fact,” added the actor, noting, “it was guilt by association, guilt without evidence, and guilt without due process — a story becoming too familiar these days.”

Sadly, as Cain pointed out, misguided outrage is, indeed, something that’s relatively common.

Earlier this month, for instance, law enforcement officials in North Carolina were the target of massive online outrage shortly after arresting five people for allegedly looting items from a local dollar store during Hurricane Florence, a Category 4 hurricane that was later downgraded to a “tropical depression.”

Some people, for instance, called the officers names like “goodie-two-shoes” while others tried to make the incident about the race of the officers by claiming that their conduct “sounds about white.” What’s worse, there were even some who went so far as to urge the law enforcement officials to basically kill themselves, which many recognize as utterly reprehensible.

Several weeks prior, the company Lilly Diabetes released a statement announcing that they will be ending their sponsorship with Conor Daly, who recently debuted as the #6 car in NASCAR, because his father made what some misunderstood an offensive comment during a live radio interview back in the 1980s, which was over 30 years ago.

According to reports, the particular comment, which was reportedly said by Daly’s father during a radio show after having just moved from Ireland to the United States to be a racecar driver, was that he felt like a “n***** in the woodpile.”

Apparently, what he meant by the phrase, which is supposedly widely used in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Australia, was that he felt he would be blamed if anything were to go wrong with the racing because he was the weakest link.

Upon learning that saying such a word was not tolerated in the United States, he was purportedly shocked and horrified and allegedly never used the word again.

A few weeks before that, countless leftists were outraged at Jack in the Box after they released a new advertisement that appeared to cleverly reference the “bowls,” or guts, that they have for carrying several unique items on their menu.  

Prior to that, the Montgomery Biscuits, which is a Double-A minor league baseball team affiliated with the Tampa Bay Rays, sparked an immense amount of misguided outrage after announcing that they would be hosting a “Millennial-friendly” night-time event where they could get participation ribbons and take advantage of certain areas designed for taking selfies and napping.

And before that, the owners of a Missouri antique shop stirred anger after displaying a pro-police American flag outside of their store, causing them to temporarily take it down.