Trump Wall Rally

PUBLISHED: 4:18 PM 14 Mar 2018

Activists Hold California Rally To Support Trump, Border Wall

The rally will take place today in San Diego.

President Trump was elected because he promised the voters to build a wall along the southern border of the United States to prevent illegal immigrants from Mexico from getting in without going through the legal immigration process.

Now, border activists are standing up to those who oppose the wall and planning a rally on Tuesday to show their support for Trump’s wall, and they are ready to rumble.

The democrats have fought Trump long and hard on his proposed wall since the campaign trail. In fact, disagreements on the issue of immigration led to a three-day government shutdown back in January of this year.

In fact, the founder of one border activist group, San Diegans for Secure Borders (SDSB), Jeff Schwilk, teamed up with Breitbart News senior editors Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak on a recent episode of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight to inform activists of a surprise rally for Trump on Tuesday to show the administration just how much support our president really has.

The rally will take place in San Diego, CA, and the entire purpose of the rally is to show President Trump and the rest of America just how much real America wants this wall to happen.

The group’s Facebook page also says, “Ruth Martin from Los Angeles, whose husband was killed by an ILLEGAL alien; and Raul Rodriguez, America First Latinos – California State Coordinator” will all be present and rallying for the wall.

The exact location of the rally is 7425 Bristow Ct., Otay Mesa, San Diego, 92154.

Many patriot groups are involved in organizing the rally. The San Diego Patriots,, The Remembrance Project, and more all had a hand in planning this epic event.

SDSB’s Jeff Schwilk says that the press will also be out in full force at the rally. “The media is off the charts,” Schwilk insisted.

The SDSB group founder went on to claim, “every national media in the country has not only done a pre-interview with me, but they’re all going to be there tomorrow, all the big names, and they’re going to be covering it.”

Schwilk went on to blast liberal extremist groups, such as Antifa and La Raza, claiming those groups are made up “paid activists” and “radical freaks” who do not truly represent Americans.

The group’s founder said the rally is sort of like a welcoming party for Trump. “We always knew, when [Donald Trump] came down, we’d have to give him a welcoming party.”

Schwilk went on to discuss how he knew that the left pretty much controlled the west coast. “We know we had to come out and show support for President Trump, because we represent the majority, not these paid activists and radical freaks that run around doing their radical protests.”

He went to point out that while there are several anti-wall protests per day, they are holding one large one, arguing, “We don’t try to keep up with their quantity, we go for quality.”

The group’s founder says they just want to show the world what the voters really want and not what the left-wing nuts in California want.

“We just wanted to show the public, show the world, show the media, show Californians that we can muster hundreds of people out there,” Schwilk insisted.

Many believe that the democrats run California. In fact, there is currently a lawsuit from the DOJ suing California for ignoring the laws of the land and declaring itself a sanctuary city, because the state’s dem lawmakers think they are above the law.

But Schwilk says he hopes this rally will send the message loud and clear to the democrats that conservatives will not be bullied by them.

“We’re going to show the world that the left doesn’t run this state. It doesn’t run Southern California. There’s our side, too, and we actually represent the majority, unlike them,” he added.

Schwilk said that the people attending the rally just want a safe America for their children. They don’t want drugs and criminals freely coming across the border only to cause problems.

President Trump has warned time and time again about the dangers that illegal immigrants bring to America. However, the democrats want to let anyone in.

“We just want to live in a safe city like every American in America. We’ve got enough domestic crime of our own; we don’t need to add foreign [and] unknown criminals into the mix. We know what happens when that happens, you get murders, your child rapes, [and] all sorts of horrible stuff. Those people should not be here. They should have been vetted and not allowed in, but we still have an open border.”

We don’t lock our doors to keep people out, we lock our doors to keep our families safe.

“We’re not going to let President Trump get bullied around. They’re not going to shut down his tour,” Schwilk said.

Are you glad they are defending Trump from America’s largest hate group?