Acosta Smears Trump Supporters

PUBLISHED: 7:59 PM 9 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 8:13 PM 9 Aug 2018

Acosta Says Conservative Outlets Give Trump Supporters ‘Twisted And Warped’ View Of Media

Acosta implied Trump supporters are not intelligent enough to see that the mainstream media is reporting accurate news on the president.

Acosta attacked Trump supporters, saying that they are doing his 'bidding.'

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta continues to prove that he typically only cares about himself, and he made that very clear on Wednesday when he trashed President Donald Trump, supporters of the president, and his fellow media colleagues.

During an interview on CBS’ “The Late Show,” Acosta spent most of the time boasting about CNN and his quest to report real news to the American people. But things got interesting when he bizarrely claimed that conservative outlets are giving Trump supporters a “twisted” and “warped” view of the mainstream media. The CNN hack also claimed conservative media only does the “biding” for the president rather than reporting factual news.

“My sense of it, Stephen, is that a lot of these folks — they get their impression of what we do by watching other conservative outlets; they look at other conservative websites. And these folks are focused on the coverage of the president’s behavior more so than they are the president’s behavior,” Acosta ridiculously said.

He added: “And to me, I think the president’s behavior is more newsworthy than our coverage. But a lot of these folks out there, they’re getting their sense of what we do twisted and warped by some people out there who just want to do the president’s bidding.”

He went on to take issue with the president sometimes referring to the mainstream media as the “enemy of the people.”

Trump has stated on numerous occasions that he believes the fake news media is adversarial to the people because they, in his opinion, use “fake sources” and “make up stories” to harm his presidency.

With a liberal host and left-wing audience, Acosta was loving every second of being able to praise himself all night for being the best journalist in the business.

“It’s not a big deal, right? Just say, you know, we’re not the enemy of the people,” Acosta said. “At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be referring to journalists as the ‘enemy of the people.’ We’re not the enemy of the people.”

Acosta said other media figures have told him that they are sick of being maligned by President Trump, yet Acosta never once took issue with the countless false, misleading, and fake stories many in the media run about Trump every single day.

While Acosta praised himself, he apparently doesn’t think the president has any reason to be upset with the media.

Recent reports show the mainstream media covers Trump with a negative tone roughly 90 percent of the time, and a vast majority would agree that the president has accomplished far too many things to only receive 10 percent positive coverage.

Countless people have grown tired of Acosta’s selfish antics and the fact that he only seemingly cares about himself. And many would agree that Acosta trashing Trump, the president’s supporters, and his fellow media colleagues is downright disgusting.

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