Acosta Proves Point

PUBLISHED: 6:50 PM 11 Jan 2019
UPDATED: 6:52 PM 11 Jan 2019

Acosta Proves ‘Walls Work’: Segment Goes Viral After Trump Tweet

In an effort to disprove the fact that walls prevent illegal invasion, Jim Acosta’s video backfired and was roasted on social media relentlessly.

Jim Acosta inadvertently proved that walls work.

President Trump flew to the Rio Grande Valley yesterday to continue to make his case for border security and the humanitarian crisis an open southern border has generated.

However, in an attempt to brainwash clueless viewers, CNN’s king of false news Jim Acosta made a short video tweet about how ‘safe’ a border town was. But the story backfired in fantastic proportions.

In it, Acosta walked along a section of the border where steel slats gave way to a small chain link fence. He talked about the safe neighborhood on the U.S. side, but then outright admitted that people do see migrants coming into the country where there is no slat wall.

It was almost as if he expected his viewers to not have the mental capacity to make the connection between walls and no walls. Fortunately, not everyone is that stupid.

The tweet was quickly roasted and pointed to as evidence that walls work. It drew the hilarious comments of a number of people including the president.

“Dear Diary…” Trump wrote, quoting Acosta’s tweet about a steel barrier and the safe community on the other side of the border wall.

Likewise, the president followed up with quotes from both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton stressing how important is was to stop illegal immigration.

The question of border security funding has become a straw that democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are grasping, in the face of a colossal loss. After the president’s national address, a Rasmussen poll showed that most voters wanted congress to follow Trump’s lead.

Moreover, the Border Patrol and Trump supporters demand a physical barrier—similar to the one Schumer previously endorsed.

Rumors have speculates that it is completely within the president’s authority to announce a national emergency and used military funding to erect a border wall.

Many experts have argued that a national emergency is warranted, especially now that federal employees have started to miss paychecks, thanks to democrat obstruction.

And, now thanks to Jim Acosta, the narrative is beginning to shift. It seems obvious to anyone who has the ability to think logically that walls do work, and the number of illegal border crossings would dramatically decrease with the creation and maintenance of an inexpensive (compared to other government projects) barrier.

Many people wonder if Acosta is embarrassed by his gaff, or if the dense fog of egotistical arrogance that surrounds him has allowed the fact to penetrate that although he was trying to hurt the president’s cause, he actually helped it.

Oh well, it won’t be the last time he puts his foot in his mouth, but most people agree, it certainly was a funny one.