PUBLISHED: 9:19 PM 13 Mar 2018

ACLU Sues DHS To Force Release Of Illegals With Children

Liberal activist group sues DHS to protect illegal families.

The ACLU is suing DHS for more rights for illegals.

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the Department of Homeland Security to allow migrants to exploit the Obama-era “catch and release” policies, according to Breitbart.

DHS detains migrants while their asylum hearings are pending, because it’s easier to deport them back to their country when they lose their case in court.

The policy aims to prevent migrants from skipping their hearing and hiding in the United States.

When migrants arrive at the border, they often have handfuls of children because they know the Department of Health and Human Services will be required to provide food and shelter to them.

The ACLU, a pro-immigration advocacy group, is suing DHS to end the practice of detaining migrants until their asylum hearing.

The far-left activist group is fighting for the Obama-era “catch and release” policy, which forced border agents to release immigrants when they tried to infiltrate the country.

The atrocious policy resulted in tens of thousands of immigrants — many of which were criminals and drug dealers — repeatedly attempting to sneak back into the country.

“Whether or not the Trump administration wants to call this a ‘policy,’ it certainly is engaged in a widespread practice of tearing children away from their parents,” said Lee Gelernt, deputy director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project. “A national class-action lawsuit is appropriate because this is a national practice.”

DHS has refuted the ACLU’s position numerous times, saying that the practice of “catch and release” not only allowed illegals to hide in the U.S., but subjects children to human trafficking groups.

The ACLU is also relying on the liberal media to promote its lawsuit, which seeks to portray the Trump administration as racist for not allowing open borders and an endless flow of migrants into the country.

The Trump administration has remained committed to imposing tough immigration policies to protect the nation, and a flimsy lawsuit from the ACLU to prioritize illegals won’t sit well with Americans.