Hospital Gives Illegal Special Treatment Over Americans

PUBLISHED: 5:22 PM 12 Feb 2018

ACLU Forces Hospital to Give Liver To Illegal Over Americans Still Waiting

Liberal group forces hospital into giving liver to illegal immigrant.

A liberal group forced an Oregon hospital into giving a liver to an illegal immigrant.

An Oregon hospital caved to pressure from a far-left group and added an illegal immigrants name to a liver transplant list that should have gone to one of the 115,000 American citizens currently on the list.

On Tuesday, the Oregon Health and Science University hospital contacted an illegal immigrant and notified her that she couldn’t be placed on the liver transplant list because she wasn’t a legal citizen.

The hospital stated it “requires proof of lawful presence for transplant services.”

Not long after, the legal director of the radical leftist American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon ramped up pressure against the hospital and created a campaign demanding illegals have access to treatment.

Arguing that denying illegal immigrants full access to health treatments and services is “cruel and inhumane,” Mat dos Santos wants illegals to be placed on emergency care lists ahead of Americans.

Sylvia Lesama-Santos, an illegal immigrant living in Portland and mother of four children, is in need of a liver transplant.

She reportedly has health insurance through her husband’s employer, but she was unable to have her name added to the list for treatment because she was unable to provide any proof of legal residency.

Andrea Williams, the executive director of the immigration rights group Causa Oregon, was quoted in the ACLU Oregon’s press release arguing that, “Denying Silvia a transplant based on her immigration status is effectively a death sentence.”

The hospital immediately caved to liberal pressure and announced that it had changed its policy to ensure Lesama-Santos — and other illegals — can be added to the list for a liver transplant.

So after a little pressure from a far-left activist group, a hospital altered its long-standing policy to ensure an illegal immigrant can be given a liver transplant, which should go to a legal citizen.

Wouldn’t it be nice if American citizens in need of this sort of expeditious treatment were given priority like this illegal?

Tens of thousands of U.S. citizens are suffering today while waiting for treatment, yet hospitals are now making it clear illegal immigrants deserve special treatment.

This is simply unacceptable, and many would agree American citizens should always be prioritized over illegal aliens.

Source: Breitbart