Woman Attacked With Acid

PUBLISHED: 11:10 PM 28 Feb 2018

Acid Attack In Maryland, Man Brutalizes Female Roommate

He threw sulfuric acid in her face.

America is not immune from the horror any longer.

The West has no shortage of crimes which are woeful hallmarks of the culture. ALL cultures have such issues and none are immune from the fact. Acid attacks, historically, have been rooted in the Islamic religion, and as it spreads, so does the morally unpropitious practice.

In Prince George’s CountyBekre Abdela, 28, was “arrested for allegedly throwing sulfuric acid on his female roommate’s face and upper body,” WJLA News reports. The callous man is being rightfully charged with “attempted murder, assault, and additional charges.”The attack is still under investigation and the details are not all in yet.

Prince George’s County police found that a common “dispute” led to the brutal assault on February 24th at the “1000 block of East-West Highway in the unincorporated portion of Hyattsville.” It does not take much for a lady standing up for herself to feel the backlash when some people of a certain belief system act to silence her, yet where are the feminist groups marching over this?

Police arrived around 7:30 p.m. local time only to find a woman in horrific anguish as she was suffering from “chemical burns.” Abdela fled from the law was arrested for his crimes on Monday, reports confirm.

Once captured, the culprit admitted what he had done to the lady. His unfortunate victim remains in the hospital and is in critical condition due to the malice which she endured.

Authorities are not even sure of what the motive for the attack was. Anyone knowing anything about the assault is being asked to phone 301-699-2601 in Hyattsville, Maryland.

While this may indeed turn out not to have anything to do with the Muslim faith, the influence is very hard to ignore. Women can be legally attacked this way (according to how some people interpret the Koran) and many nations allow these kinds of attacks to happen with no punishment doled out.

When those from other nations come to the U.S., it used to be mandatory that they learned what “being American” meant. No, that does not mean forsaking one’s faith, culture, or dress. It does mean that certain practices and punishments which are accepted may need to be given up, just as an American arriving in the Middle East would have to do when moving there.

That is a hard pill to swallow for many and that is why the West is not for everyone. It would be wise if this was understood by those who mistakenly feel otherwise before someone else gets an acid bath while the lesson is learned.

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