Murderous Muslim Student

PUBLISHED: 2:00 PM 8 Dec 2018
UPDATED: 9:39 PM 8 Dec 2018

Academic Murdered After ‘Pious’ Pakistani Immigrant Claims Muhammad Insult

The Irish lecturer was seen talking to the murderous Muslim before the man pulled a steak knife out and stabbed him repeatedly in the throat and chest.

'Ali R.' bought a steak knife and then stabbed the man in broad daylight 13 times.

An Irish lecturer was stabbed to death by a student from Pakistan outside a Paris university. The murderous Muslim claimed the man had insulted Muhammad, so he bought a steak knife and brutally stabbed him in broad daylight.

Of course, there is absolutely no proof that the lecturer did any such thing, and prosecutors say that the murderer was angry for failing business school.

John Dowling, 66, was speaking with 37-year-old “Ali R.” following a lecture when the Muslim took out a knife and savagely killed him.

The suspect is set to be indicted for murder on Friday. According to sources, he told authorities he killed Dowling to defend his faith against a perceived slight and had a personal grudge against the victim.

Government prosecutor Catherine Denis said that Ali nurtured an “obsessive resentment” against the university since it expelled him in September 2017.

“He came to France two years ago to join the management school, but did not pass his first year,” she said. “Since then he had been returning to the college, and had become unwanted to the point that he was not allowed in anymore.”

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“He produced a drawing, which he showed off in class, insulting the prophet Mohammed,” Ali told authorities, according to Denis.

However, no other students recall Dowling doing any such thing.

What has disgusted most people is that French authorities have said there is no evidence that the native of Pakistan was a terrorist. They say he was just a “pious” and an “obsessive patriot.”

“We don’t have proof of radicalization, but rather a feeling that we’re dealing with someone who is very religious, very pious, very practicing.”

Such belief seems ridiculous, given the man’s statements and actions.

Who buys a steak knife and then carries out slaughter of another human being in broad daylight?

“CCTV footage shows Dowling chatting calmly with Ali at around midday, before the attacker took out a steak knife and plunged it into the Irishman’s throat, and then into his chest.”

Ali had just renewed his residency permit to stay in France.

“There are indications that he may have arranged to meet his victim, and police are combing through telephone and email records to try and establish a link.”

Apparently, Ali is not too intelligent. He “enrolled in a bachelor’s management course for foreigners at De Vinci in September 2016, but was forced to leave in August 2017 after failing his exams.”

Dowling taught English and international relations at the university for two decades, and had made numerous friends there.

Pascal Brouaye, head of the college, said, “Since yesterday, messages of friendship have overwhelmed us like a tsunami.

“It shows how much John was appreciated by students and graduates. The minute’s silence was intense and it was followed by beautiful music, played on the piano by a student of the school.”

Of course, no one wants to discuss the ‘multicultural’ diversity that led to this man’s death.