Abrams Illegal Run Off

PUBLISHED: 5:41 PM 11 Nov 2018

Abrams ‘Reckless And Illegal’ As Campaign Funds Slated For ‘Run-Off’ Ad

The Georgia democrat allegedly approved an illegal use of campaign funds to pay for a TV ad promoting a run off despite the election results.

Abrams will not give up and is apparently advocating illegal activity to push a run-off.

The Democratic Party of Georgia and failed candidate Stacey Abrams tried to buy a $250,000 advertisement on Atlanta-based WSB-TV in order to promote a gubernatorial runoff.

Although her Republican challenger, Secretary of State Brian Kemp, won the election with over 50 percent of the vote, the move was pushed and apparently approved by Abrams.

The shocking thing is that it would have been paid for through campaign funds, which may have violated campaign finance laws “since a runoff election has not been declared and is thereby not a sanctioned election.”

“Stacey Abrams’ ambitions of getting a TV talk show or running for office again as an aggrieved member of our victim culture are leading her to make reckless and illegal decisions,” said John Watson, chairman of the Georgia GOP.

“Her actions are harmful to Georgians who want to come together and work for the future. She is putting herself above the will of Georgians and is damaging to our state,” he added.

Abrams’ campaign claimed that they think enough votes will be ‘found’ to trigger a run-off.

“The Abrams for Governor campaign has promised the people of Georgia that we will fight to ensure that every vote is counted, and we will uphold that promise,” Abrams’ campaign said in a statement.

“We believe that this race will head into a runoff and we are ready to engage with voters about Abram’s bold vision for our state the moment a runoff is declared.”

“Georgia voters are going to insist that their voices be heard,” it added.

Many people read that as saying no matter what, democrats will break the law and do whatever possible to steal the Georgia election too.

WSB-TV rejected the request, stating they are “not accepting any political ads until the vote is certified by the state and runoffs are official.”

“WSB-TV made the right decision to honor the law and the facts of this election and reject the Abrams run-off ad,” said Watson.

“There is no run-off election for Governor, and after every vote is counted, there will not be one. Abrams should concede immediately.”