Pro-Lifer's Ridiculous Settlement

PUBLISHED: 11:16 PM 2 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 3:56 AM 3 Mar 2018

Abortion Advocates Fight First Amendment And Lose

He was awarded a $1 settlement.

A pro-life advocate was awarded a $1 settlement for having his first amendment rights infringed upon.

If liberals had it their way, the United States would no longer have a Constitution to uphold. Their hatred for the law of the land is repeatedly and disgustingly demonstrated, especially pertaining to the first two amendments.

Freedom of speech and the right to protest were once again challenged, most recently in Detroit, Michigan when a pro-life advocate was counseling women outside of an abortion clinic. The liberal police officer who demanded the man discontinue protesting claimed that he was “disturbing the peace on a ‘psychological level.’” Fortunately, the courts determined otherwise.

Michael Mattia was desperately trying to save as many lives of unborn babies as he could when a local officer demanded that he stop doing so. Known as a ‘heckler’s veto,’ this type of idea suppression occurs when an offended party does not “agree with” the topic or opinion being addressed.

Unfortunately, for the pro-choice movement, such limitations are prohibited under the Constitution.

Mattia brought the offense to court where Judge David Lawson determined that such behavior from the officer was, of course, unlawful.

Although his freedom of speech was rightfully defended, justice was not served for Mattia considering the hardship he endured trying fight for the right to life.

The Detroit-township Center Line was required to pay Mattia a monetary settlement. However, the amount determined was a mere one dollar. Despite receiving such an insulting amount of money for his time, Mattia’s attorney can expect $50,000 for the ordeal.

Instances which infringe on conservatives’ first amendment rights are just as disturbing as they are illegal, considering the distasteful demonstrations that liberals put on, including violent protests and feminists getting half-naked in public to prove a point.

Being that Mattia was fighting for the life of a human he has never met, and, unfortunately likely never will, his actions outside of the clinic surely came from a place of love.

Conservatives who protest outside of abortion clinics are not trying distress abortion-seeking women who are already in a difficult situation, but rather seek to be a source of hope in presenting other options and making one last plea for the life of their babies.

Unfortunately, considering that liberals are accepting of abortion to begin with, it is unlikely that they would be able to understand such logic.