ABC Can’t Control Flood Of Rage

PUBLISHED: 11:23 PM 20 Feb 2018

ABC Panics As Calls Flood Network, The View’s Attack On Pence Backfires

ABC gave a half-hearted apology but it isn’t satisfying viewers.

The half-hearted apology from ABC did not cut it with Christians are furious at Behar (pictured).

While some groups or movements battle in the streets, burn cars, attack each other, and otherwise act as if they had no common sense, it is good to know that most Christian rebellion is different. For example, while Blacks Lives Matter was loud during the football season as the kneeling for the anthem was happening, it was a great many offended Christians who quietly shut their tv’s off.

No cars were burnt in the making of this latest boycott.

The Bizpac Review shows that ABC is learning this lesson and there has not been a “hike” in almost three weeks. Instead, it was the mostly liberal show, “The View,attacking the Christian faith and America’s Vice President, Mike Pence, that has led to this revolt. It is said that the offending network is “being inundated with calls” from angry believers who are outraged over being accused of having a mental illness.”

More than 25,000 calls have come in, according to Fox News, so that gives some hint as to how many people are really angry but didn’t call.

At root here is the fact that host Joy Behar said that hearing from Jesus was a mental illness. Surely, most Christians believe that Christ speaks through his Word, also known as the Bible, and that is what they mean when they claim to “hear” Jesus. Still, some worshipers do profess to really hearing the deity speak.

Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell penned an open letter to ABC and requested an apology for the “anti-Christian” remarks. “These characterizations of the Vice President’s faith are insulting not just to him, but to all Christians,Bozell wrote.

The V.P. himself said to Axios that “it’s an insult not to me, but to the vast majority of the American people who, like me, cherish their faith,” referring to the host’s statement.

I actually heard that ABC has a program that compared my Christianity to mental illness,” Pence added. “And I’d like to laugh about it, but I really can’t. To have ABC maintain a broadcast forum that compares Christianity to mental illness is just wrong.

This was clearly something that Pence took very seriously since he elaborated by saying, “Those of us in public life are pretty accustomed to criticism, but when I heard that ABC had a program that likened my Christianity to mental illness, I just couldn’t be silent. People of all different faith traditions, they cherish their faith in God.”

The Vice President also proclaimed, “And to have ABC have a forum that spoke in such demeaning terms, I think it’s evidence of how out of touch some in the mainstream media are with the faith and values of the American people.

The MRC has already contacted five advertisers and they are not backing down from demanding an apology. If not, so be it (since America is thankfully a free country), but that means that those of the faith are free to boycott, too.

If there is no apology, we will contact the advertisers of The View, and ask MRC’s millions of grassroots activists to do the same,” admitted Bozell in a letter. “I am sure the advertisers of The View will be just as appalled as I am about the anti-Christian remarks made on the show.

The Review does shed some irony on the situation since it is the left who is attacking Pence for hearing Jesus. Oprah Wimphrey, a liberal darling, declared that she isn’t running for president because…GOD DID NOT TELL HER TO! 

Because if God actually wanted me to run wouldn’t God kinda tell me? And I haven’t heard that,” Oprah confessed.

If He speaks “through His Word” or in a real voice to the host, we don’t know. What can be known is that the media is attempting to equate hearing Jesus at all to a mental illness similar to schizophrenia where voices are oftentimes heard and madness leads to malice. Demonizing Christians by doing this a common ploy of the anti-God left.

Thankfully, most people are able to see it from a mile away these days.

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