Liberal Quits To Save Illegals

PUBLISHED: 1:14 AM 13 Feb 2018

“A Step Too Far”: Liberal Quits Job Over ICE Enforcement, Receives Twitter Support

He has a family and hopes that donations will sustain him until he finds another job.

A liberal in Montana quit his job to protect illegals, then took to Twitter to beg for money to feed his family.

Until this past Wednesday, Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts worked as a legal secretary at the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, as he has since 2011. When he was informed he would be working on subpoenas from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), he promptly went to management to put in his two weeks notice.

Dyrdahl-Roberts claims he has special privileges on Twitter citing, “I’m white as rice and a guy,” as the reasons. This narrative completely falls apart however under even moderate scrutiny. The vast majority of those advocating in the interest of Whites on Twitter are suspended or banned.

At the same time, there are several advocacy groups for the interest of Hispanics and Blacks which are allowed to spew anti-White propaganda. Twitter allows countless followers to celebrate what they proclaim to be the impending demise of the White race.

After Dyrdahl-Roberts quit, he immediately took to Twitter to virtue signal to his 1,000 liberal followers, telling them what a great person he was for quitting his job to obstruct ICE investigations.

Dyrdahl-Roberts also asked his followers to donate money to his Paypal so he could continue to feed his wife and four-year-old daughter while he looked for a job. Apparently feeding his family was less important than covering for foreign nationals who illegally invaded the United States.

His post became somewhat popular, garnering 25,400 likes, and 11,300 retweets, many of which came from foreign nationals outside of the United States. His profile also gained a number of followers jumping from 1,000 to 3,845.

People donated loads of money to Dyrdahl-Roberts, while he has not made the total known, he has asked his supporters to stop donating to his cause and send money to Puerto Rico or Flint.

Dyrdahl-Roberts naturally had many critics on Twitter as well who did not support his actions and found his moral grandstanding to be abhorrent.

The subpoenas from ICE were for UI-5 forms, which are Employer’s Unemployment Insurance Quarterly Wage Reports. ICE was requesting the forms to pursue ongoing investigations into illegal aliens occupying the country that were subject to deportation.

The forms contain information such as the names of the insured and their Social Security Numbers. Having this information would help ICE track down employers who are hiring illegal aliens instead of Americans and legal residents.

The forms will also aid ICE in their efforts to cull the population of illegal invaders squatting in the United States.

Dyrdahl-Roberts will be replaced without much issue because his position at the department was not very specialized. The department will also comply with subpoenas issued by ICE investigators looking to clean up the streets of Montana.

Dyrdahl-Roberts represents a wider issue of government employees obstructing law enforcement efforts to catch and deport illegal aliens in the United States. This has become a common practice in many liberal havens and affects the efficiency at which ICE can operate.

Dyrdahl-Roberts is no trendsetter, leftists have a long and sordid history of obstructing the federal government in their efforts to enforce the rule of law. Leftist Democrats were the ones who fought against the efforts of the federal government to end the era of forced segregation, known as Jim Crow.

Dyrdahl-Roberts lives in a state that is well over 80 percent non-Hispanic White. This liberal has no idea what it means to live in a community that has been taken over by illegal immigrants. He has never had to deal with the crime or the slipping school standards.

Dyrdahl-Roberts lives in a community where defecating in public is still a serious offense that has not been downgraded so liberal politicians can skirt federal crime reporting laws that would subject illegals to immediate deportation.

Americans, and politicians supporting mass amnesty and fighting the deportation of illegal aliens fall into two categories, those who have illegal immigrant family and friends and fight the immigration enforcement for personal reasons despite the statistical and social detrimental effect it has in our society, and those such as Dyrdahl-Roberts, who have little to no experience with the effects mass immigration from the third-world.

Dyrdahl-Roberts claims he made this decision based off of his convictions. He should be challenged to live by them and stop forcing Americans to pay the price for illegal aliens.

To do so Dyrdahl-Roberts could move to a community that has been overrun with illegals and donate his entire check to the IRS so that taxpayers have to pick up less of their bills.