PUBLISHED: 7:09 PM 18 Nov 2016

9,000 Entitled Liberal Freeloaders Just Got The News: No More Food Stamps


They Aren’t Happy About The News

If the liberals of the United States had their way, they would be doing everything they can to make sure that people in the United States didn’t have to work. They would have everyone approved for free benefits from the government.

Despite the fact that that style of government is called Socialism and has failed or is failing in every country out there, the liberals still think that it is the best policy. They are teaching Americans that it is okay to be lazy and just have the government provide everything for you.

But Conservatives are taking a stand. And the liberals are scared and hating every second of it. But the fact of the matter remains that America can only succeed if you have people that are willing to work! That means that they aren’t relying on the government for everything and anything possible.

The most recent win for hard-working Americans just came in the state of Maine. There the Republican Governor, Paul LePage, began to enforce Maine’s volunteer and work requirements for food stamp SNAP applicants to keep their benefits. The end result of that? 9,000 lazy and non-disabled people just lost their food stamp privileges.

The rules are simple. If you are an adult who isn’t disabled and doesn’t have dependents then you won’t receive food stamps for more than three months unless you do one of three things: If you are working at least 20 hours a week, participate in a work-training program, or meet volunteer guidelines for 24 hours out of the month. If you do at least one of those three things, then you will not lost your food stamps.

It’s pretty simple. I mean seriously, is it THAT hard to volunteer for 24 hours in one month? You can literally do ONE hour of volunteering a day for 24 days and still have at least six days off. That is pretty easy.

More Liberal Hypocrisy

These Liberals Are So Entitled That They Couldn’t Do 24 Hours Of Volunteer Work

And considering that the average SNAP monthly benefit is about $480 per month for a four-person household, you’re getting a great deal. Or do put it another way, for those 24 hours that you are volunteering, you’re making almost $20 an hour. It’s a good deal!

And yet, Maine just dropped 9,000 people from their benefits because they couldn’t even handle that. And these are people who aren’t disabled at all. To put it another way so that liberals will understand, LAZINESS is NOT a disability! And Maine has also instituted that if you lose your benefits in this manner, you can’t regain them for another THREE years!

This is something that should be happening across the nation! The laziness of this nation has gone on long enough. Plus this is helping the government with their finances. Think of it this way. 9,000 people just lost those benefits. And considering that the average person takes home $480 per month, in the course of one year, someone gets around $5,760. And since those people were dropped, the government of Maine just saved $52 MILLION.

They can use that money for literally anything else! They want to improve education or their roads or other deserving people’s benefits! That is literally $52 million that isn’t going to lazy liberals that just want to have free hand outs. And imagine if the entire COUNTRY was doing what Maine just did.

Even if just 9,000 people were removed from each state, that would still open up a lot of money for the government to use ELSEWHERE. Doing the math, the government would save about $2.6 BILLION in payments that they don’t have to make. That is a lot of money that is just being handed out to people that don’t want to work for a living.

So how in the world was it able to get like this? Blame the liberals that have been in charge for the past eight years! They have literally made it so that doing 24 hours of approved volunteer work is too difficult for over 9,000 people. They have brainwashed people to think that the government is just going to provide them with everything.


Obama Literally Brainwashed Them To Think That 24 Hours Of Volunteer Work Was Too Much

Here is a question for those people that think like that. What is going to happen when the government runs out of money? Considering the fact that the national debt in this nation is over $20 TRILLION, they can’t continue to give you free money. You have to WORK for everything. I know working is hard for liberals to do, but it is what everyone else has to do. Stop being lazy and entitled!

Of course this generation strongly believes that they are entitled to get what they want. Take the case of some Yale students that believed they had the right to change a test simply because they were upset at the election results. Yes they were demanding that the test be changed because Donald Trump won. These are the type of people that are going to complain about their food stamps being cut because they weren’t working at all.

But liberals are people that think that they are entitled to everything. Such as the case of the former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile. She was CAUGHT giving answers to Hillary Clinton to make sure that she had an edge over Bernie Sanders in the primary. And when someone called her out on it, she made the defense that she was being “persecuted.” Yes this is where the liberals get it from all right.

Share this article to applaud the state of Maine for being one of the first to make sure that people who are on food stamps actually work for them. They just let go of 9,000 people who were so lazy that they couldn’t complete 24 hours of volunteer work in a month. And these people will not be a burden on the state for at least three years!

This is something that the rest of the country needs to get behind. Just from 9,000 people not receiving benefits, Maine has saved over $52 million. Imagine how much the rest of the country could save by implementing the same policies as Maine. That is a lot of wasted money.