PUBLISHED: 9:37 PM 21 Apr 2017
UPDATED: 9:40 PM 21 Apr 2017

9 Sanctuary Cities Drained Of Funding, Put On Notice As Trump Admin. Gets Serious

Despite The Liberals' Best Efforts, Illegals Would Have Still Be Deported.

Sanctuary city defunded

These Sanctuary Cities (Pictured) Are About To Get A Big Wake Up Call.

During Donald Trump’s rise to the White House, he spoke often about how he would help rid the country of the illegal immigrants that were still here. He talked about how the illegals were guilty of drug smuggling, violent crimes against American citizens and how they were a danger to society. Voters took notice and helped elect Trump to be the 45th President of the United States.

However, there were, and still are, liberals in powerful positions that are going to oppose the Commander In Chief at every turn. They have created “sanctuary cities” that are safe havens for illegal immigrants. These cities actually refuse to help federal authorities to remove the illegals in question.

That is going to change very soon. The Trump administration put nine of the country’s top sanctuary cities on notice. This means they might have to give up federal funding, unless they can adequately prove they are not trying to stop the deportations of illegal immigrants.

The list includes the entire state of California, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans and Milwaukee. There are two counties on the list as well: Cook County in Illinois and Miami Dade County in Florida. These nine areas are going to have to prove that they are not going to thwart Homeland Security’s attempts to get rid of illegals, or they will lose funding.

Letters have been sent to each of the nine jurisdictions from the Justice Department. In the letters, the department states that each of the counties signed documents used to apply for Byrne Justice Assistance Grant money. With their signatures, the nine areas said that they were complying with a section of federal law that demands cooperation when immigration agents ask for it.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Monday that sanctuary cities who refuse to comply with federal law risk losing federal funding.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions (Pictured) Isn’t Messing Around When It Comes To Sanctuary Cities And Funding.

Considering that it is part of the law, this is important to note as the areas all signed the documents, agreeing to what was being asked. The Justice Department included in the letter, “Many of these jurisdictions are also crumbling under the weight of illegal immigration and violent crime.” Considering that these areas are in such dire shape amid the crime, it would be reasonable to think they would have been the first cities to cooperate with Homeland Security.

That isn’t the case though. So many of the mayors and leaders are Democrats, and they want to promote an open border society. They want to welcome as many people into their cities as possible to show what an open border society can look like. All it’s doing is confirming that illegal immigrants that are coming to the country are putting Americans in danger.

Normally, if citizens were in danger, they would call the police and they would take it from there. That could facilitate a call to federal authorities, such as dealing with illegals. However, in these sanctuary cities, there are tricks done to ensure this doesn’t happen. One of the more common tactics is not alerting the proper authorities from alerting federal agents when an illegal is behind bars.

If they don’t know that an immigrant is in custody, then the proper authorities can’t follow up on detainer requests. These are requests given to local police sheriffs to hold immigrants until they are picked up by proper authorities.

ICE agents arrest an illegal immigrant.

It’s Hard For ICE Agents To Arrest An Illegal If They Don’t Know Where He/She Is.

The new letters from the Justice Department don’t go into detail about the punishments if they continue to refuse cooperation with proper authorities. However, President Trump has said on several occasions that sanctuary cities would lose money in the form of grants should they continue to deny cooperation. Also another important note is the fact that the nine sanctuaries were not chosen at random.

These were all singled out by the Justice Department’s inspector general last year, during the waning days of the Obama administration. That is also important to note, because these are the areas that have spoken out the most against President Trump. The entire state of California is doing all that they can to make sure that Trump’s policies are not enacted. That is part of the reason that it is considered a liberal’s paradise.


These Cities Were Identified During The Last Days Of The Obama Presidency.

Although some of these cities shouldn’t be playing around with money that they desperately need. After Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel made the announcement that Chicago would be a sanctuary city, he mysteriously lost $4.6 million in funds that were meant for poor families. While it might not seem like a lot of money, $5 million is money that could really help.

Not to be outdone by Chicago, the Governor of California, Jerry Brown, signed a budget that would take away $115 million from Middle Class education. Considering that the state is in a big budget crisis, that seemed necessary. However, he INCREASED spending on illegal immigrant programs. This just shows that Governor Brown is more concerned with illegals than American citizens. 

President Trump has said from day one that he was going to look for ways to make sanctuary cities give up on harboring illegals. Now with this new ruling, it’s looking more and more like action is going to be done. Now nine sanctuary jurisdictions are going to pay the price.