PUBLISHED: 8:54 PM 19 May 2017

More Than 9 Guns? Senate Bill Passes To Create Choke Hold On 2nd Amendment In Illinois

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Stores like this help citizens legally buy firearms and learn how to use them. They should not be penalized by greedy liberals.

Illinois has a crisis on their hands and it is called Chicago. The city had 786 murders last year and there have already been 219 this year. Despite being run by liberals who enact every gun law they can, Illinois cannot keep its residents safe. Instead of looking at that being part of the problem, the state leaders in all their wisdom have decided to make it more difficult for citizens to acquire legal firearms.

Senate Bill 1657 passed on a 7-6 vote and is now on its way to the House. The bill targets gun sellers of guns, specifically those who sell more than nine a year. They would be required to obtain a special state license. While that doesn’t sound prohibitive, it actually duplicates a lot of the already existing federal system. This would cause many gun sellers, especially smaller one, to face additional costly fees.

The NRA has come out to oppose the bill that would add thousands of dollars in fees for dealers. It would also be a way for the state to label gun owners who may buy and sell recreationally as dealers.

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Second Amendment Sports and other family owned small businesses will be most affected by these new regulations.

State Senator Don Harmon, a Democrat in Oak Park stated, “This was a difficult and a controversial bill, I know. I appreciate the support of every senator who was able to put children and families ahead of the [National Rifle Association].”

This bill is not aimed at protecting anything except the pockets of the state of Illinois. The city of Chicago is proof that stricter gun laws do not keep innocent people safe. Criminals will continue to do what they do best, break any rules the government sets. As Lars Dalsiede, the NRA spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon;

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This is all the proof that lawmakers should need.

“SB 1657 has nothing to do with regulating gun stores and everything to do with putting them out of business.Instead of going after law-abiding gun-store owners, Sen. Harmon should be more worried about Illinois’s low prosecution rates and the short sentences for repeat offenders. It’s time to start treating the criminals in Chicago like criminals and leave the already over-regulated small business owners alone.”

Bert Irslinger Jr. owns Second Amendment Sports with his father. Their small family business could be hurt by the passing of this new regulation. He told reporters, “There is no aspect of this bill that will increase public safety in any way, shape or form.”