PUBLISHED: 10:07 PM 20 Apr 2017
UPDATED: 4:36 PM 21 Apr 2017

9 Facts About The Border That Will End Your Immigration Arguments With Liberals In Mere Seconds

border wall reasons1

Illegal immigrants are just one reason for a border wall.

The roughly 2,000 miles of border between Mexico and the United States is the subject of so many battles, both physical and verbal. We are flooded with information from the liberals about how it should be left open and people should be free to cross. Conservatives tout the common sense of a closed border and the security it will bring.

President Trump intends to build a wall. While there are plenty of roadblocks and time involved, he has the next four years to get it done. The border has many interesting features. Knowing the facts, especially the little-known ones can be key when proving a point.

1 – On a regular basis, bodies of dead illegal immigrants are found. They often perish from starvation or heat exposure. To avoid border patrols and checkpoints, illegals frequently walk dozens of miles through the desert. The terrain is rough, water is scarce, and temperatures easily rise well above 100 degrees.

In the case of smugglers, anyone who can’t keep the pace will be left behind to fend for themselves. That is often a death sentence. The remote areas make it unlikely for a person or body to be found quickly. Families often never find out what happened to their loved ones because they disappear without a trace.

2 – Mexican drug cartels have divided the entire border into regions. The areas they fight for are crucial smuggling routes and places where storage houses are often located. However, the areas tend to extend deeply into both the U.S. and Mexico.

The DEA can identify the rough edges of each cartel’s turf. For instance, the Tijuana Cartel naturally controls the area south of San Diego, CA down into Tijuana, Mexico. The Gulf Cartel resides in southern Texas along the Gulf of Mexico.

drug map1

The cartel’s presence within the U.S. is well documented.

3 – A specific region in Tucson has had incidents of Mexican cartel scouts well within the U.S. The Sinaloa Cartel controls that area and seeks out information on American law enforcement by sending in scouts with radios. They use the info to guide human traffickers and loads of narcotics.

The cartel sometimes uses U.S. recruits for scouting. They will hide in the mountains and call for other cartel members to strike against anyone on their turf without permission; their U.S. turf!

4 – The border can be a dangerous place for law enforcement. Patrols and posts are too often targeted by the cartels. Unfortunately, being in the U.S. does not protect these men and women from the cartel violence. In 2014, a drug investigator’s home was burned down by the Gulf Cartel. Apparently, the task force he was on had made a few too many busts and the cartel wanted revenge.

In 2016, a DEA agent ended up in the crosshairs of one of the cartels. They arranged for a woman to claim the agent was receiving bribes so he would be arrested. The woman later ended up recanting her story.

5 – Officials have found that U.S. gangs are often employed by the cartels for smuggling and enforcement. This has been reported as taking place in states as far away from the border as Minnesota.

In 2014 a Sinaloa Cartel stash house was robbed in St. Paul. The cartel got members from California to fly to Minnesota where they captured and tortured two teenagers. One of the boys had his fingered almost removed during the information culling effort.

border wall reasons2

The cartels are shipping incredible amounts of drugs, weapons, and even people.

6 – With so much money passing over the border it is probably not surprising that corruption is rife. U.S. politicians and law enforcement are equally as corruptible as the Mexican ones. The cartels will pay large bribes in return for protection, dirty work, and turning a blind eye.

7 – Human smuggling has become big business for the dangerous groups and few are as ruthless. Immigrants are forced to pay outrageous sums, women are sexually assaulted, and if the illegals try to cross without paying, there are harsh consequences.

The cartel does offer a barter system, however. If an immigrant cannot pay the fees they can earn their passage by smuggling drugs.

8 – Some cartels, particularly the Gulf and Los Zetas, make more money from smuggling humans than drugs. A report from the Texas Department of Public Safety shows that the Gulf Cartel made $38 million in the summer of 2014 alone.

9 – The cartels have another way to make money off humans as well; kidnapping. After an immigrant pays the fees to be smuggled in, the greedy cartels will kidnap them and ask for ransom from family members.

The list of reasons to build a border wall goes on, these are just a few examples. A wall would solve the majority of these issues; making the United States a much safer place for everyone.