PUBLISHED: 7:28 PM 8 May 2017
UPDATED: 9:59 PM 8 May 2017

9 Desks Emptied In The EPA As President Trump Follows Through On His Promise

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Trump signs bill to cut back EPA regulations.

President Trump has told America time and again, he intends to clean house. So it is puzzling that liberals are still whining when he does that very thing. Perhaps they are just not used to having leaders who follow through on promises.

Scott Pruitt, the administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, has been targeted today for his role in helping the president cut the fat from the liberal, money-wasting agency.

The EPA announced they would be letting nine of the 18 members of the Board of Scientific Counselors go. The group of employees was notified that their terms would not be reviewed or as Robert Richardson, one of those fired, put it, “Today, I was Trumped.”

EPA spokesman J.P. Freire told reporters that being fired is not the correct terminology in this case. “It’s not a dismissal. It’s simply the end of the term. We’re opening up a process. We’re actually setting up our system so we can attract applicants who are highly qualified and ensure we have the best people on this board as possible and that’s why we’re inviting people currently sitting on the board to reapply as well.”

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The EPA did an amazing amount of work during Obama’s terms, unfortunately, most of it was useless and costly.


The board’s job is to review data that the agency uses to make rules. Sometimes the board is made up of representatives from private industry. During Obama’s years, it was generally comprised of academics.

Pruitt has continually tried to reassure the public that the EPA will not suddenly disregard scientific research. However, the agency has made headlines lately for ridiculous and costly studies that contribute nothing towards science or protecting the American people. Perhaps ignoring some of that research would be beneficial.

President Trump and his administration have made it quite clear, they will not allow the citizens to be fleeced by an overspending government any longer. Of course, listening to DNC Chair Tom Perez, the president is the bad guy here.

“There’s a name for Donald Trump’s environmental policy: aggressive stupidity. The scientists he just fired have been working on nothing more political than making sure our water is safe to drink and our air is safe to breathe. By turning them into political targets, Trump is proving yet again that he doesn’t care about ordinary people.”