Elderly Vet Fights Off Attacker

PUBLISHED: 12:59 AM 22 Feb 2018

88-Year-Old Veteran Saves Woman From Thieves, Brave Man Gets Hurt

He fought in the Korean War

An 88-year-old Korean War veteran recently showed what’s the meaning of honor and bravery. This happened in a very delicate situation where many people would have refused to get involved.

An 88-year-old Korean War veteran recently showed what’s the meaning of honor and bravery. This happened in a very delicate situation where many people would have refused to get involved.

It happened in the United Kingdom, on northwest London, where a gang of five armed robbers were attacking an innocent woman. Believe it or not, the veteran decided to intervene, knowing that this was a very dangerous decision. As a matter of fact, soon after one of the robbers warned him that they would take his money instead, the brave man claimed: ‘No, you won’t.’

We’re talking about John Nixon, a former commando who fought in the Korean War for England and is now being praised in the U.K. for his heroic action.

According to The Telegraph, everything started when he saw a group of young men trying to steal a woman’s purse. Naturally, he told reporters that he couldn’t stand there and do nothing.

Nixon explained that his initial thoughts were to divert the gang’s attention away from the innocent girl, who was screaming desperately. The 88-year-old military veteran said that he shouted: “leave her alone.”

Soon after the veteran stepped in to defend the girl, the young gang of five turned on him. At that moment, one assailant pulled out a big knife and took a swipe at him.

According to Nixon, it was at that moment when one of them warned they would take his money instead, and he said no. In addition, he told reporters that kids at that age “are full of bravado” and pointed out they weren’t expecting a surprise.

The young gang decided to attack the 88-year-old Korean War veteran.

Far from ending badly for this man, the truth is that he only sustained cuts to his hands and head, managing to walk away after fighting them with only minor injuries.

While the kids had the strength and physical advantage –in addition to being five against only one-, the old man had the powerful wisdom and experience of someone who represented his country in one of the most difficult wars of the 20th century.

Believe it or not, while the young gang had some knives to attack and defend themselves, Nixon only had his bare hands.

According to Nixon’s words, his training kicked in. He explained that the first one who attacked him received a strong blow to his neck, which apparently rendered him semi-conscious.

The 88-year-old military veteran pointed out that he managed to successfully disable another member of the young gang, but another pulled out a knife, which forced him to “try and deal with him too.”

According to The Telegraph, the young gang decided to run away soon after noticing that they wouldn’t have a chance with Nixon.

After that, one neighbor that watched the final seconds of the fight between the veteran and the five young men called the police. Nixon was then taken to the Royal Free Hospital.

Nixon, who is a widower with an adult daughter, told reporters that he wasn’t scared at all during the whole incident.

He explained that he has been shot in the leg and even bitten by a snake. According to his words, the venom lay dormant in his spine, and death has been near so many times in his life that fighting five armed young men don’t represent a serious threat.

According to Detective Inspector Will Lexton-Jones from the London Metropolitan Police, Nixon fought in the Korean War as part of an elite unit. Also, in addition to England, it was revealed that Nixon was part of several intelligence missions all over the world, in places such as Germany, Egypt, and the Middle East.

A couple of days after the incident Nixon recounted his story at a neighborhood police meeting. Naturally, he received praise for his extraordinary bravery. Like a real hero, Nixon said that “fear is not in my dictionary.”

Definitely, we’re talking about a man who clearly deserves to be the role model for the youngest generations, considering his moral commitment and heroism.

Lamentably, what seems to be the inevitable outcome of this story is that it will be completely forgotten. Just as the Korean War.

In case you don’t remember, this one was a war for a good cause. After all, it stopped communism from conquering Korea and oppressing its people.

As you can see, this story clearly resembles the differences between our parents and grandparents’ generation and the young men of the current one.