PUBLISHED: 8:37 PM 31 Mar 2017

84 Illegal Immigrants Now Off The Street…But There’s Something MSM Isn’t Including In The Bust

ICE agents protect citizens from real criminals. This is the story MSM does not want you to know.

ICE agents protect citizens from real criminals. This is the story MSM does not want you to know.

ICE agents protect citizens from real criminals. This is the story MSM does not want you to know.

The efforts of ICE agents made significant progress in making the streets a little safer for the American public. Social media and MSM would like you to see how heartless these agents are, as they post videos of families being torn apart. This is not the whole truth and the outcome of a recent series of raids in the Pacific Northwest proves this.

Between March 25 and 27, 2017, ICE agents in Washington and Oregon arrested 84 undocumented immigrants. The media would like you to think these are innocent, law-abiding members of the community.

Of the 84 arrested, 60 had criminal records. ICE agents do not usually target those without criminal records. In the course of apprehending the offenders, they often find more illegal immigrants. According to an ICE representative, the raids target “…at-large criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants, and immigration fugitives.”

Many of the 60 criminal aliens have committed serious crimes. These are not traffic tickets. After the initial conviction, many were already deported. They would become repeat border violators as well as criminals.

A Mexican man who was charged with child rape was deported out of the United States. He came back into the country and was arrested yet again. When local authorities released him, they failed to notify ICE agents of his release.

The refusal of local governments to cooperate with ICE activities put a child rapist back into the community. It appears even criminals like this have a protected place in the state of Oregon. Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown would make the following statement:

“Immigrant families, please know that my support for you is unwavering,” she said. “As long as I’m governor, I will continue to fight to make Oregon a welcome state for all.”

Even without the support of local or state leadership, ICE agents were able to take 84 illegal immigrants out of the community. All of the 84 have, at the very least, broken the law to cross into the United States illegally. The 60 with criminal records had offenses beyond the border crossing.

The crimes committed by the illegal immigrants included drunk driving, physical assault, domestic violence, drug trafficking, lewd acts with minors, larceny, weapon charges, and sexual assault. In many cases, they had already been deported or were hiding from ICE agents because they were about to be deported.

The laundry list of crimes committed by 60 of the illegals arrested by ICE agents.

The laundry list of crimes committed by 60 of the illegals arrested by ICE agents.

As ICE agents made arrests, some of those detained will face federal charges. It is a crime to re-enter the country after being deported. In the case of the child rapist that was arrested, he now faces charges that could end in a 20-year sentence.

States like Oregon, that take pride in holding themselves out as a sanctuary, are putting citizens at risk with their open arms policy.

Governor Kate Brown supports efforts to help illegals like these 60 criminals evade ICE.

Governor Kate Brown supports efforts to help illegals, like these 60 criminals, evade ICE.

Sanctuary cities and states do not protect the general public. They are protecting criminals like the man returned to the United States after raping a child. It also protects those who have been convicted of drug trafficking, violent crimes, and sexual offenses.

It is easy for the media to turn ICE agents into the bad guy. But it is the ICE agents that step in to solve the problems.

Both city and state officials hide behind policies. There is no accountability for turning a blind eye to rapists and drug traffickers walking around their sanctuary. This does not make their state or city welcoming for anyone but the criminals.

Sweeps of ICE agents like this have occurred in at least a half-dozen states. The current estimates of the number of illegal immigrants in the state of Oregon top 130,000.

The efforts of ICE agents have become more visible over the last few months. The Trump Administration has pushed for a harder stance on ridding communities across the country of criminal illegals. Those deported during the first few months of President Trump’s term join the 2 million illegals that were deported under Obama.

The mainstream media would lead the public to believe that the efforts of ICE are sinister. That agents are out there lurking, tearing apart communities and hurting families. This is not the case.

As with most of the ICE efforts, this series of raids was to benefit public safety. According to the Bryan Wilcox of the Seattle ICE office:

“This operation highlights our commitment to promoting public safety through the pursuit of targeted criminals residing in the U.S. Illegally. Our officers will continue in their efforts to create safer communities by identifying and removing those not willing to comply with U.S. laws.”

It has become too easy for states and cities to ignore the dangerous criminals they put onto their streets. It may seem like a simple act to allow an illegal immigrant to walk away from custody without notifying ICE. It is not harmless though; it puts criminals out into the general public. These criminals can not be ignored; certainly not by ICE agents.