Joe Goes Silent

PUBLISHED: 3:31 PM 6 May 2021

8 Second Silence: Strange Spot On Joe’s Head… What Is Going On?

Not only did the creep-town picture of the Carter’s look weird, what is going on with Joe’s head mask?

Weirdo. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Is Joe Biden even real? Many people ask that legitimate question since his strange and robotic actions make him look more like an automaton than an elderly idiot. There seemed to be a strange glitch in his performance during his recent presser (8-second blank) and his rubber head mask also looked strange enough for notice.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

What happened to Joe Biden’s face?

China Joe gave a speech Wednesday on the American Rescue Plan, otherwise known as the Democrat Donor’s rescue plan.

Only 649 people were watching Joe Biden live on the White House Channel.

Joe Biden could hardly speak after a reporter asked him a question.

At one point Joe Biden was at a loss for words for 8 seconds straight!