Indictments Readied

PUBLISHED: 6:12 PM 9 Apr 2019

8 Criminal Referrals This Week, ‘More Coming’ In Russia Set-Up

Many people are glad that at least one or two conservative lawmakers aren’t willing to let democrats get away with an attempted soft coup and have readied a number of criminal indictments against former administration officials.

Meadows praised Nunes for the 8 criminal referrals coming this week and promised 'more.'

Rep. Mark Meadows and Devin Nunes are fighting to remove the stench of corruption from the bowels of the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Information, especially that liars and conspirators who tried to cover up their own treasonous actions while simultaneously building a soft coup effort against President Trump with their lies about Russian collusion.

On Monday, Meadows said that in addition to the eight criminal referrals Nunes has readied for Attorney General William Barr this week, he plans to add to the list and submit one of his own.

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes announced on Sunday that the eight criminal referrals are related to the origins of the sham Russia investigation.

Meadows, a member of the Oversight Committee, tweeted it was the “right move” and implied the existence of more.

Nunes, Meadows and a scant handful of other conservatives are refusing to let the scandal be swept

Last month Meadows told Fox News that documents will “show” U.S. ambassadors conspired with the FBI and the DOJ to harm President Trump, hinting of a “Deep State” plot.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Nunes has not disclosed any names of people ensnared in his referrals, but he did break down three categories in which they fall on Sunday, including conspiracy to lie to Congress and the FISA court.

Nunes also suggested his effort could drastically expand to encompass dozens of people.

“We think there’s only a few people behind these leaks but there could be multiple people, so on the global leak referral, there could be several individuals,” Nunes told Fox News. “When you look at the conspiracy that could get up to a dozen, two dozen people.”

This is absolutely correct. However, many people agree that these people should not be able to slip from justice by claiming they had to ‘investigate’ a claim, when there is ample evidence to show that they made up the claim to begin with.

The facts seems clear enough to most intelligent people:

The Obama administration committed countless crimes against the country, was horrified that Hillary wouldn’t be able to fabricate enough votes to win the election, and established this Russian scheme to hinder President Trump with a bonus of a possible impeachment.

With the bombshell release of communications concerning the protection of Hillary Clinton’s crimes, is it any wonder that the entire Russia investigation was a fabricated lie?