PUBLISHED: 10:07 PM 24 Apr 2017

$750,000: Democrat Maxine Waters’ Payout To Her Daughter, Money Exchanged For Endorsements

Maxine Waters has a stunning record of corruption.

Maxine Waters has a stunning record of corruption.

Maxine Waters has a well-established record of corruption.

Americans have a low opinion of congress, with approval ratings as low as 5%, and they assume many congressmen and congresswomen are corrupt. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) embodies the problem of corruption and bad job performance that intelligent and patriotic Americans hate, but don’t know how to fix.

In the wake of Donald Trumps’s election victory, Maxine Waters rode the cable news cycle making unfounded claims that Donald Trump’s impeachment was inevitable. She has made sport out of escalating attacks on the President’s character.

According to a report by The Washington Free Beacon, Karen Waters, daughter of Maxine Waters was paid $70,000 by her mother’s campaign during the 2016 election cycle. Since 2006, she has made $600,000 from her mother’s campaign committee, Citizens for Waters.

Waters has attacked Trump for giving an unpaid position to his daughter Ivanka in the White House. Meanwhile, she’s paying her daughter an obscene amount of money with funds that come from campaign donations and taxpayers.

To be fair, plenty of people object to Ivanka Trump being in the White House. Some conservatives don’t like it because Ivanka is a liberal and the President would have a hard time firing her. But Waters is in no position to criticize her.

Maxine Waters has made a lot of noise about Donald Trump's supposed impending impeachment.

Maxine Waters has made a lot of noise about Donald Trump’s supposed impending impeachment.

Karen Waters is in charge of the “slate mailers” for her mother’s campaign. A slate mailer is mailed by campaigns or for-profit consulting companies to voters and includes lists of candidates or ballot measures, along with recommendations and endorsements.

The mailers go out to almost 200,000 households in the South Central Los Angeles area. Other campaigns pay Waters for her endorsement on the slate mailer. The slate mailers have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in income for the Waters family. In 2016, Waters’s campaign received more than $297,500 from 20 payments for slate mail endorsements.

Of course, this slate mailer scheme is legal, and not uncommon in California. However, Maxine Waters should possibly be investigated for this nepotistic financial arrangement with her daughter.

Here is an example of a typical slate mailer

Here is an example of a typical slate mailer

According to Chuck Neubauer and Ted Rohrlich, writing in the Los Angeles Times in 2004, Maxine Waters’ relatives had made more than $1 million during the preceding eight years by doing business with companies and candidates for whom Waters had done favors. They also uncovered that she and her husband helped a company get government bond business, and that her daughter Karen and son Edward had profited. Waters explained away the investigative journalism by saying, “They do their business and I do mine.”

So these types of allegations and revelations about Waters are nothing new. What is amazing is that this woman gets re-elected over and over again, despite her well known record of corruption. The nonprofit Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington listed Waters as a corrupt member of Congress in 2005, 2006, 2009, and 2011.

In the 2000s, Waters directed $12 million of TARP funds to OneUnited, without disclosing that she held a financial stake in the company. Her husband is a stockholder and former director of OneUnited. The bank made major contributions to Waters’s campaign. Waters arranged meetings between OneUnited directors and U.S. Treasury Department Officials so that OneUnited could plead for federal funds.

Political corruption is a family business for Maxine Waters.

Political corruption is a family business for Maxine Waters.

The House Ethics Committee investigated Waters for three years over this corruption, but finally cleared her of all charges, which should raise questions about The House Ethics Committee. Waters has spent so much time in government that she has political connections and political capital that she can use to get herself out of trouble, and to remain in a position of authority despite appearing to be somewhat senile.

Waters had said plenty of stupendously stupid things over the years. Recently she said that Putin had invaded Korea, when he actually invaded Crimea. She also called for Donald Trump to be impeached before he had done anything conceivably impeachable, and she admitted that he hadn’t actually done anything yet.

To her credit, in the 1990s Waters accused the CIA of trafficking in cocaine, which may sound far-fetched, but she is far from the only person to make the accusation. At the very least she’s entertaining, but there could be something to this.

At long last, there is a challenger to Waters who may have a shot at ousting her. Omar Navarro is a Latino and a Trump supporter, a strong man with charisma who is tired of the sickening leftist corruption of Waters and company. Navarro’s colleague Jack Guerrero won a city council seat in the area, and Navarro believes he can follow in his wake and go even further.

Omar Navarro has been attacked by sickening democrats yelling through a bullhorn and calling him a “cracker immigrant,” all because he is against sanctuary cities and supports Donald Trump. In response to a ridiculous tweet by Waters threatening impeachment against Trump, Navarro tweeted this in reply:

Waters is 78 years old. It’s time for her to retire and go spend time with her rich family. Many Americans just want to be left alone by these corrupt politicians, but these people are so addicted to their status and power that they cling on well into elderly senility. Hopefully Omar Navarro is the man to unseat Waters, elevate the condition of South Central Los Angeles, and save all Americans from having to see Waters on television spouting her wild accusations against the President.