PUBLISHED: 11:14 PM 22 Dec 2016

64 Demands That MUST Be Met: Students Requiring “Muslim Prayer Rooms In Every Building”


Whites unwelcome

A new sense of entitlement is sweeping the world. There is an attitude among people that if they want something, then they should be given it. They declare persecution and demand compensation.

People who are young, minorities, and religious groups seem especially ripe to fall victim to this type of logic. Their insistence grows along with the list of wants and it appears to be a never ending cycle. While claiming their rights are being violated and that they are suffering at the hands of discrimination, they are quick to clarify, white people can’t be the victims of racism.

If you want a better understanding of how far off the deep end Liberals have gone, I dare you to watch this video without getting upset.

This disturbing trend has hit hard on college campuses across America. After the election, many schools were bowing down to students, granting exemptions from tests, safe spaces, and even counseling for those who claimed to be in fear of President Elect Trump.

Naturally people caught on quickly. It wasn’t long before the students were issuing demands instead of the colleges offering. The University of Maryland has recently been struck by a large group of these needy students.

They began an organization calling it ProtectUMD. It is collaboration between 25 student organizations at the university, including Students for Justice in Palestine, Bisexuals at Maryland, and the Black Student Union.

In a letter addressed to the University of Maryland Administration, they listed their demands. There are 64 formal demands across 8 groups they represent: Marginalized, American Indian, Black, LatinX, LGBTQIA+, Muslim, Pro-Palestine, and Undocumented.

The letter begins quite harshly, leaving no room for disagreement, “It is time for the administration and the University of Maryland campus community to unite and protect our most vulnerable students — including undocumented immigrants, Muslims, Black people, Latinx people, Queer people, and all people of color.”

They claim that the university must protect them all against “discriminatory and unjust national policies.” The letter indicates that they want the university to be a “safe and welcoming campus to all students.” They don’t actually mean all students though. It is safe to say, they won’t welcome white men who might need something. Whites are privleged.


This is their protest

So what do these students want? Here is a small sampling of their extensive requirements for each group:

All marginalized student communities:

  • The University employ more professors of color in all university departments.
  • University scholarships for students of marginalized communities.
  • Study into the punishment statistics by race/gender/etc. of students at some point in the coming year
  • Make free legal advice available for students participating in activism who face slander or other dishonest claims while exercising their rights to protest and free speech
  • Provide protection during campus events that might make students feel unsafe because of their political implications. For example: Israel Fest for Muslim and Arab students, Columbus Day and Independence Day for American Indian students etc.

American Indian Student Community:

  • The University officially remove the Christopher Columbus Day holiday from all university materials and mediums. Replace it with Indigenous Peoples’ Day to take away the stain of colonialism from our University.
  • Acknowledge during every event, that “this is indigenous land.” Make efforts to officially recognize the tribe or nation whose land upon which the University of Maryland is built.

Black Student Community:

  • University System of Maryland divestment from Maryland Correctional Enterprises.
  • UMD student divestment from businesses and companies invested in MCE and the prison industrial complex.
  • Tenure for African American professors.

Latinx Student Community:

  • A claim to physical space on campus. A school that prides itself on diversity has failed to give students of color adequate, quality space such as a Latinx Cultural Center.
  • University recruitment practices involving students of color that making them and their friends feel welcome and included on campus.

LGBTQIA+ Student Community:

  • Students be allowed the choice of different gender roommates in the residence halls through random matching.
  • Multi-stall gender-inclusive bathrooms in every building with multi-stall bathrooms.
  • Converting the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Studies program into a department in order to provide curricular autonomy.
  • Including pronouns in addition to names on student rosters seen by faculty and advisors.

Muslim Student Community:

  • Protect the names and religious/ethnic affiliations of students should they be demanded from the government for harmful use.
  • One room in each major building (e.g. SPH, Chemistry, McKeldin etc.) designated for prayer.
  • SEE and other organizations on campus should have better judgement when choosing to show movies that perpetuate false narratives and stereotypes of Muslim and should be held accountable if they do not take this into consideration.

Pro-Palestine student communities:

  • The encouragement of equal and positive representation of Pro-Palestinian human rights activists on campus. Specifically, condemning the conflation of Pro-Palestinian activism with racism and Anti-Semitism.
  • The active encouragement of faculty and students to engage in discourse and learning about the Palestinians’ struggles and the Boycott Divest and Sanction movement without fear of consequences by the university administration.

Undocumented student community:

  • A declaration of the University of Maryland, College Park as a sanctuary campus for undocumented and DACAmented students and their families.
  • Ensured protection of student information about immigration status from local, state, and government agencies.
  • A full-time immigration attorney for the Offices of Undergraduate and Graduate Student Legal Aid.
  • An opening up of merit scholarships and emergency funds to undocumented and DACAmented students.

The university is reportedly considering the list, which just gives legitimacy to the ridiculous notion that these demands are reasonable. The list makes it obvious that if you are a straight, white, Christian, you should be incredibly sorry and intimidated.

The worst part is that this is definitely not isolated to one campus. It is almost guaranteed that the demand lists will keep coming from other schools and groups.

There is no end to what they will ask for and no comfort in the thought of what they might do to get it.

Liberals will continue to expect things instead of actually working for them. In Trump’s America, you will have to work for what you want–no more handouts!