6 Delicious Veggies to Plant Now

PUBLISHED: 6:22 PM 10 Jan 2019
UPDATED: 8:03 PM 16 Jan 2019

6 Veggies To Plant Now

Are you looking for delicious and nutritious veggies to plant? Here's 6 amazing options!

The cooler temperatures are a fact of life this time of year. But, you do not have to stare out your window at your empty garden, longing for spring. There are many vegetables that are hardy enough to grow through the winter. Winter veggies are almost maintenance free.


If you are new to the gardening scene or if you just want to keep up to date, you are in luck. Technology in the form of gardening apps is here to help. Learn when and what to plant. Get reminders to water your plants. Look up questions that may come up. Even look up signs that appear on your plants to ensure they are healthy. You will soon discover that you can grow those healthy plants you love. It is not as hard as you may think. You just need the right information.


You have the desire, the knowledge, and the technology to begin your winter garden. Now you need quality seeds.  Choose an industry leader to provide you with fresh seeds. When you buy seeds from your local department store, you have no idea how long the seeds have been in the warehouse. Speak with a company that can offer a collection of vegetable seeds, shipped right to your door.

Suggested vegetables to plant now

Onions, Spring Onions or Shallots

These plants thrive well in the winter months. Speak to your seed provider about the varieties and when to harvest them. Spring Onions are ready in spring. Some other varieties will not be ready until winter. You will always have fresh onions for your table by taking advantage of these versatile plants.

Winter Cabbage

You will find cabbage is a good vegetable to plant now. However, you will need to be selective with the type of cabbage you plant and pay attention to when you planted them. Cabbage grows quickly. You do not want to end up with all your cabbage harvesting at the same time. Spread out your planting so they will be ready to harvest over a period of time.

Peas and Broad Beans

If you plan it right, you can have peas and broad beans in almost any season. These veggies will survive winter. You can stagger your planting for the harvest to be spaced out over a few months.


Garlic is a slow plant. If you plant it now, you will harvest it in late summer. You can enjoy green garlic shoots in your salads throughout the seasons. The difference in taste between freshly grown garlic and store bought is major. This plant will be used in so many dishes that you will want to keep it growing as long as possible.

Kale and Collards

These leafy greens are a must have for any garden. They not only grow through the winter, they actually grow best in cold and even snowy climates. You can cut as much as you need and they will continue to grow back.


Like the leafy greens mentioned above, broccoli is a cut and grow back plant. Broccoli will grow well into next spring. If you notice a reduction in your plants, just add some more mulch. These favorites are low maintenance and tastes great.

Bonus – Don’t forget your herbs

You will have freshness on your table all year with the wonderful plants that you grow, Don’t forget to plant some fresh herbs to go with them. Herbs can be grown indoors, and used in your cooking right from the plant. To have spring-fresh meals, herbs are an easy plant that makes a big difference.

We have named a few winter vegetables that are popular, but this is just a fraction of the vegetables you can plant now. Here is a list of vegetables for you to consideration. Now is the time to get your seeds in the ground. Soon you will have a bountiful harvest and meals to be proud of.