“Signs” Of The Steal

PUBLISHED: 2:00 PM 8 Jan 2021
UPDATED: 8:17 PM 8 Jan 2021

6 Times This Sign Was Delivered Behind McConnell During The Steal, Pence Gets Strange ‘Coin’

This election was stolen, many people argue, and the American people know it, but what we may not know is who exactly are the evil forces conducting it.

Weird. (Source: Greg Locke Twitter Screenshot)

Some strange things appeared during the dark night of the election steal.


What in the world is the TRUTH about Pence & Nancy Pelosi???

And what is with the coin?

— LLinWood linwood


Friday, January 8, 2021


We Love Trump reported:

Alright friends this is really strange.

Right after Pence certified the fraudulent election, he received a mysterious coin in a handshake.

It almost looks like Pence is being rewarded for selling out Trump or being welcomed into the swamp.

Take a look at the video yourself:

Mike Pence, donning a blue tie, receives the Secret Coin signifying his acceptance into the club.

There is no loyalty in the political world.

The mistake President Trump made was thinking people would be loyal to him, at the risk of their own careers.

January 6th is over. pic.twitter.com/sI3pDtyseX

— Dennis #TruthOverTeams (@DennisAndSpace) January 7, 2021

Mike Pence receives the Masonic salute and the silver coin, sealed treason? The world is watching because the United States can change forever. President @realDonaldTrump please trust @SidneyPowell1 and declare Martial Law. @jjauthor @Lrihendry @GenFlynn @AmyKremer @SebGorka pic.twitter.com/1AVnp79RhB

— LATAM FOR TRUMP🇺🇸 (@LATAMforTRUMP) January 7, 2021

Many users on Twitter were quick to compare Pence to Judas (disciple that sold out Jesus).

Take a look:

Pence (Judas) receives a coin after giving the ol’ Masonic handshake and literally rubbing elbows with Nancy Pelosi. Sick times. Betrayal is part of their game. pic.twitter.com/icGx2GKzxe

— Alice (@themodalice) January 7, 2021

Judas got 30 silver coins for agreeing to hand over Jesus.

What did Pence get for his soulless deed?

And who is that masked man handing it to him? And exactly WHAT is it? – 🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/IyJY0djf29

— MystiQue (@Misti17Q) January 7, 2021


Incidentally, Graham just got mobbed at the airport for being a traitor:

Many argue this would be effective if these people didn’t give a crap and have plenty of money and protection… plus the assurance that the vote will be rigged in their favor from now on.