PUBLISHED: 7:19 PM 31 Oct 2017
UPDATED: 7:55 PM 31 Oct 2017

$58 TRILLION: United Nations Report Details New Goals As Global Warming Fight Rages

The U.N. wants $58 billion dollars for a known lie.

The U.N. wants $58 billion dollars for a known lie.

The U.N. wants $58 trillion dollars for a known lie.

The lie called global warming has been heavily disproven and this fact is often covered by news outlets all over the world. Many experts and studies have shown how this whole thing is not about a warming planet, but instead, a way for the U.N. to get more control by controlling energy. Americans who are tired of paying for the ridiculous lie will be happier than ever with President Trump once facts revealed by the Daily Caller become known.

That is because the United Nations is wanting to see governments tripleinvestment in green energy technology to keep global warming within the bounds of the Paris climate accord.” America is quite fortunate that Trump acted just as he did, though this is clearly still a fight that rages on.

Investments “need to hit $2.3 trillion over the next 24 years,” at least that is the heavily-flawed theory of a Stanford University report, which would eventually total $58 TRILLION. As they try yet again to sell the known lie as fact, their goal is to keep “greenhouse gas concentrations at 450 parts per million” so that man does not warm the planet.

The puppet masters at the U.N. always have their hand out for money. That is even truer now that “delegates prepare to meet in Bonn, Germany, for a major climate summit in early November.

Global investment totaling $58 trillion over the next 25 years in clean energy could bring with it major economic, security and health benefits,” claims “the report co-authored by five analysts from Stanford’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy & Finance and two Hoover Institution analysts.”

What this prediction is based on is anyone’s guess since so far, every green push has ended up costing everyone a lot more for just about everything. Where is this economic benefit to come from?

Donald Trump wisely got the U.S. out of the Paris Accord.

Donald Trump wisely got the U.S. out of the Paris Accord.

The report calls for nations to “derisk” green investing, which basically means that they need to sell the idea that losing money isn’t really that bad. They are just not allowed to word it that way, of course.

It is quite clear what is being done here. It is even more clear when one Google’s “no warming in 18 years” and is swarmed with data showing how the planet has not warmed one tittle.

Oh, we have been paying and paying as if it has, however.

That is how the U.N. likes it.

Source: The Daily Caller