550 Animals Rescued

PUBLISHED: 7:11 PM 24 Jan 2018

550 Animals Collected From Nevada Home, Charges Pending

They found the conditions terrible.

The surrounding community was shocked to find out what was inside this home.

Everyone has heard jokes about someone owning so many pets that it appears to be a zoo within their dwelling. For most people, that is nothing more than a saying. However, there are times when the analogy is all but perfect, and unfortunately, the images that come from such a case can be anything but pleasant to behold.

According to the Las Vegas Journal-Review, “Las Vegas police and Clark County officials confiscated more than 550 animals from a northeast valley home Sunday.” This was because the animals were found to be living in what is being described as “deplorable conditions.”

Recovered were “13 horses, 150 hens and roosters, 400 pigeons, two guinea pigs and four turtles from” a residence on the 2700 block of North Gateway Road. As irony would have it, the address was near Lamb Blvd, one of the few animals not found at the scene.

It all came to light around 8:20 a.m. when a horse that was not properly attended was discovered roaming around the neighborhood. Clark County Animal Control officials put the horse onto a trailer and the owner called to get the animal back.

When authorities went to the abode, they found a myriad of animals living in the most dreadful of conditions. Red Rock Search and Rescue officials were called to the scene so that all of the critters could be rescued, nursed back to health, and properly cared for.

Vegas has seen more than their share of these kinds of problems, the most recent being two months ago in a case “in which 164 Pomeranians were recovered from the back of a box truck in Sandy Valley.” There was a lack of food, water, and ventilation in that instance, a sight which saddened many.

Likewise, in August of 2016, “investigators recovered about 550 hens and roosters” during “what was described at the time as the largest animal fighting ring breakup in state history.”

Sometimes, those who take on the responsibility of caring for animals do not give the proper care because they can not afford to. They have bitten off far more than they can chew and the resulting neglect can cause a lot of problems.

Others are just plain cruel and they never had any intention of being a good pet owner, to begin with.

In any event, regardless of which camp this person is in, thankfully the nightmare is over for the horses, pigeons, guinea pigs, etc, at this home.

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