Popeye’s Attack Filmed

PUBLISHED: 5:55 PM 12 Nov 2019
UPDATED: 6:11 PM 12 Nov 2019

55-Year-Old Woman Broken “Almost In Half” By Popeye’s Employee

Many argue that this is the sort of savagery that is the result of teaching each new generation that words are equal to physical violence.

Warning: This video shows a savage, brutal attack and contains offensive language. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

After a violent video surfaced of a worker at a Tennessee Popeye’s viciously attacking a 55-year-old woman, an arrest was made. Twenty-nine-year-old Deriance Ra’Shaiel Hughes was charged after assaulting the woman who had returned to the restaurant to receive a refund, after she was overcharged.

According to the victim’s attorney, after the savage attack she was hospitalized with a shattered elbow, six broken ribs, and a broken leg after the attack.

Fox reported:

Video shows people wearing Popeye’s uniforms racing after her as the woman leaves the restaurant in Columbia last week. One person punches her, and then Hughes is seen grabbing her from behind, raising her into the air and throwing her onto the parking lot. Another uniformed person is seen cheering.

[Actually, the video shows him slamming her body onto the pavement and her horrific shriek.]

McElhaney [her lawyer] said his client just wanted a refund after being double-billed for her meal of chicken tenders, corn and apple pies.

She called the manager, who told her to come back to the restaurant with documentation in order to get a refund, McElhaney said.

“When she got there she was treated with hostility and anger from the manager,” McElhaney said. “There were words back and forth.”

A separate video circulating on social media shows a heated exchange between the woman and an employee behind the counter. Another man can be heard telling the woman, who is white, “You are in the wrong place saying the n-word.”

McElhaney said the woman denies using a racial slur, but said “my client was called an ugly broke-down cracker.”

Neither video posted online appears to have captured any racial slurs.

“If she said something she should not have said in retaliation and the heat of the moment, we do not condone that and she regrets that, but it does not give someone the right to break somebody’s body almost in half,” McElhaney said.

Many people do not understand the sort of animalistic mentality that would cause such an attack. They point to the now unknown maxim of ‘words can never hurt me’ and argue that today’s society has become too focused on verbal offenses, equating them with physical violence.

(Warning:  Graphic language and violence in video below)