PUBLISHED: 1:05 AM 5 Jan 2018

$543 Million In Tax Dollars For 878 Each Day, Planned Parenthood Issues Transparency Shock

Cecile RIchards is the president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Cecile Richards is the CEO of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

In the 2016 fiscal year, Planned Parenthood and its affiliates were able to murder 321,384 babies, chopping up 878 a day. To fund this grand feat the government contributed $543.7 million to the cause. It cost a tremendous amount of money to pay hordes of doctors to carve up unborn babies and suck them out of irresponsible women. The United States Government has decided this is a good appropriation of tax revenue.

Planned Parenthood receives over 40% of their funding from the government. Seventy-five percent of the money the government gives to Planned Parenthood comes from the Medicaid budget. The remaining government funds come from the Title X federal family planning program. While federal law bans Title X funds from supporting abortion, Medicaid is not held to the same standard.

Planned Parenthood has recently been caught engaging in extremely unethical practices in relation to their booming abortion business. The Center for Medical Progress sent in an undercover operative to covertly film some of Planned Parenthood’s practices. Planned Parenthood was caught negotiating with research companies over the sale of babies, whole and cut up in chunks. The various parts held different worth as did babies at varying stages of growth.

The tissue is being sold to research companies like StemExpress, which is involved in the emerging field of stem cell science. Planned Parenthood claims the payments being negotiated were merely donations to recoup the cost associated with the abortions and subsequent dismemberment. Whatever the case, Planned Parenthood was clearly being financially incentivized to perform abortions and carve up babies like a Thanksgiving Turkey.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has taken notice of the videos and has requested unredacted documents taken from Planned Parenthood from the Senate Judiciary Committee. This move indicates that Planned Parenthood may be under a criminal investigation regarding the sale of baby parts. The Senate Judiciary committee previously found that Planned Parenthood was not simply recouping costs but rather working to make a profit from the sale of baby chunks.

The chairman of the committee, Chuck Grassley(R-Iowa), said, “The report documents the failure of the Department of Justice, across multiple administrations, to enforce the law that bans the buying and selling of human fetal tissue…it also documents substantial evidence suggesting that the specific entities involved in the recent controversy, and/or individuals employed by those entities, may have violated the law.”

Daleiden who is responsible for conducting the undercover expose said, “After Planned Parenthood’s top doctors were caught casually negotiating the sale of aborted baby hearts, lungs, livers and brains, two congressional investigations confirmed there were ‘systematic’ violations of federal law in Planned Parenthood’s aborted baby parts business and issued criminal referrals to the FBI and US DOJ.”

Daleidin continued, “The investigation into Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer-funded, criminal abortion enterprise is long overdue. Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted baby body parts is the greatest human atrocity of our time and must finally be brought to justice under the law.” Planned Parenthood has continued to receive over $1/2 billion annually from the government despite the disturbing revelations.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America Vice President of Government Affairs Dana Singiser has denied any wrongdoing despite the overwhelming evidence and the organization being caught red handed. Singiser said, “Planned Parenthood has never, and would never, profit while facilitating its patients’ choice to donate fetal tissue for use in important medical research.”

Proponents of Planned Parenthood claim that women’s services are provided, but that is not the truth.

Planned Parenthood offers important services to those suffering from sexually transmitted diseases(STD). The organization claims that the majority of their funding is allocated to fight the spread of STDs and treating patients who have contracted them. While this is an important function of their organization and a boon to American society, it does not excuse their abhorrent abortion related practices.

The government’s funding of Planned Parenthood is now in jeopardy. Planned Parenthood refuses to cease its abortion operations despite the American public’s condemnation. If they lose funding because of their insistence on performing abortions and selling baby parts the organization will no longer be able to provide the services that actually have a positive impact.