“Memo Release” Transcript Revealed

PUBLISHED: 6:03 PM 1 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 10:48 PM 1 Feb 2018

51-Page Transcript Show Dems Hotly Contested Memo Release

They tried to spin the whole thing as a political move but this is about the truth.

Representative Nunes is not shocked at the resistance of the FBI and DOJ after they have stonewalled his investigation for months.

On Monday, the House Intelligence Committee voted to release the confidential FISA memo. The mysterious memorandum has led to the resignation of top officials from the FBI to the DNC.

Waiting for the anticipated document to become public, the transcript of the debate has been released. The House committee has made available the details of the conversation which led to the memo becoming public.

The deliberation is carried over 51 pages. The vote to release the surveillance memo was split down party lines. The transcript explains why the Democrats all voted against releasing the information.

Democrats strongly opposed the information going public. They accused the Republican Congress members of acting on behalf of Putin. They accused the Republican members of the committee of helping the president.

The memo is allegedly designed to distract from them Mueller investigation. Many opponents of the surveillance report defend the people named in the memo such as Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein.

Democrats claim Republicans are turning on the Justice Department in order to distract from the closing days of the Mueller investigation. Mueller, since the vote to release the memo, has announced a hiatus on all hearings concerning General Mike Flynn.

So powerful is this secret memo, Robert Mueller has ceased conducting interviews and intelligence gathering. Elected officials who have seen the report have pleaded with the president to sign and release the memo.

After his State of the Union, the president was caught on a hot mic conversing with a congressman. Assuring him there is a 100% chance the memo is being released, the president could release the four-page report as early as Monday.

Capitol Hill has erupted into a frenzy over the imminent release of the FISA memo. Describing how the government spied on Americans, the reports describe how an administration abused fake intelligence to destroy a political campaign.

Before FBI Director Wray had a chance to see the memo, the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Department of Justice both released similar statements condemning the memo. The spokespersons suggested that classified information should not be revealed.

After viewing the memo, Director Wray immediately fired his deputy Andrew McCabe. Wray did not give further testimony about any grave concerns his agency might have about the release.

In charge of the FBI, Rosenstein is being named as one person who abused surveillance privileges. One of the most powerful people in the Department of Justice, the democratic party suddenly seems interested in protecting administrators under President Trump.

During the debate to release the memo, Democratic House Intelligence Committee members accused lawmakers of colluding with the White House in the production of the memo. So enraged by the information contained in the report, Democrats prepared their own memo.

The Democratic members of the committee have drafted a separate document to account for any bias. What is being called a one-sided perspective, Democrats such as Adam Schiff (D-CA) pushed for the release of both memorandums.

The committee voted not to release the Democratic memo. Called a charade and a blatant misinformation campaign, Republican representatives refused to taint their reputation with the release of the Democratic memo.

Before voting to release the document, the committee sent an open invitation to all members of the House of Representatives. Many Republican lawmakers who read the four pages called the information shocking.

Learning about the widespread government overreach, some representatives have likened the activities outlined in the memo to the activities of the KGB. The KGB being the Soviet secret police tasked with enforcing the ideals of the party.

Many Republican lawmakers agree that the public has the right to know when unelected officials are running amuck in the legal processes. Many Democratic legislators have argued the exact opposite.

Classified information, they say, should only be leaked to the public if it has the possibility of hurting President Trump.

Since he was elected, the president has claimed that he and his team have been wiretapped and victimized by a witch hunt. The information within the FISA memo is set to vindicate the president.

Proving he was correct, the memo describes how the Obama administration used Clinton campaign resources to spy on American citizens deemed a threat. Using officials throughout multiple departments and agencies, the Democratic party continue working to deceive the public.