PUBLISHED: 8:23 PM 28 Aug 2017
UPDATED: 10:39 PM 28 Aug 2017

5-Year-Old Girl Forced Into Muslim Care, Told To Learn Arabic And Remove Christian Gifts

One five-year-old girl is VERY unhappy in her new Islamic home.

One five-year-old girl is VERY unhappy in her new Islamic home.

One five-year-old girl is VERY unhappy in her new Islamic home.

There are some dangerous things about Islam and it is not a very well kept secret that Christians are held in particular disdain, even in peaceful Muslim environments. With that in mind, it is with particular horror that Breitbart News reports that a white Christian “five-year-old girl has been forced to live with Muslim foster carers who removed her cross,” pushed her to learn Arabic, and have taught her that the women of the E.U. are “alcoholics.

Tower Hamlets borough council put the girl into the system and she “spent six months in two Muslim households against the parents” wishes, according to the Times. She has even been deined her Christmas gifts.

The girl was crying, imploring social services to not send her back to the Islamic home saying, “they don’t speak English.” The girl has been described as “very distressed” and she was forbidden from enjoying a “carbonara meal because it had bacon in it.”

Worst of all, the poor girl has had her religion disgraced and her Christian cross removed. She was told that “Christmas and Easter are stupid” and that “European women are stupid and alcoholic.”

The girl has been in two different families where their faces were covered and where burkas, and hijabs are the norm. Certainly, if a child is being abused, then CPS (or a similar agency) should step in, but that isn’t what we are seeing. With ever growing frequency, these agencies are taking children for every minor infraction.

Now they are being taken and put into homes where they are even more likely to see abuse than where they came from, based only on what they believe (in this case, the Christian triune God). Before anyone calls this an anti-Muslim line of thought, would the average Islamist be happy to the shoe on the other foot here?

This is a five-year-old white girl. She was born in this country, speaks English as her first language, loves football, holds a British passport and was christened in a church,” said a friend of the child’s family.

She’s already suffered the huge trauma of being forcibly separated from her family. She needs surroundings in which she’ll feel secure and loved. Instead, she’s trapped in a world where everything feels foreign and unfamiliar. That’s really scary for a young child,” they also said.

Regulators have already found Tower Hamlets guilty of “widespread and serious failures in the services provided to children who need help and protection,” yet they were allowed to somehow cause this travesty.

There can be no about it, this isn’t an accident. There is no way that this can be an accident. The goal of people in very high places is clearly to see the Western cultures and it freedom taken to new lows.

Even a five-year-old can tell you that.

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