5 Terrorists In U.S. Exposed

PUBLISHED: 8:43 PM 30 Jan 2018

5 Terrorists In The U.S. The Media Isn’t Talking About

The mainstream media wants to ignore all of this.

Politically correct domestic policy undermined the ability of the United States to keep itself safe from Islamofascism inside its borders. The media continues to push the narrative that Islamofascism is not the real threat, ignoring stories of Islamofascists and their actions.

During the presidency of Barack Obama, a popular media narrative emerged that America wasn’t threatened by Islamic terrorism, but rather by terrorism from ‘bitter clingers’ and similar people. President Obama’s reign may be over, but the media is still dedicated to promoting that narrative.

In service to that narrative, they have buried stories about Islamic terrorism in the United States, trying to hide the fact that then-President Obama’s soft policies and desire to hunt a made-up boogeyman undermined the security of the United States. In particular, they’ve buried five recent stories that should be news nation-wide.

On Friday, January 26, Isse Aweis Mohamud was sentenced for “lying on his passport application.”  On his application, he claimed that he wanted to visit Canada, our neighbor to the North.  Instead, he traveled to Egypt, where he was arrested.

Egyptian authorities sent Isse back to the United States. The important question remains; why did he lie about his choice to travel to Egypt?

The answer has to do with an investigation launched by the federal government in April of 2017 after Isse’s family reported that he had gone ‘missing.’ They feared that he had gone to the Middle East in order to participate in one of the numerous ongoing jihadi struggles.

Prosecutors, whose case resulted in Isse Aweis Mohamud being sentenced to four years in prison for committing passport fraud, said that they had no evidence he was an active participant in terrorism.

This proclamation isn’t as comforting as it may sound, as former FBI Director Robert Mueller purged the FBI of training materials and training concerned with Islamic terrorism.

Isse Aweis Mohamud is a naturalized citizen who came to the United States from Somalia.

On Thursday, January 25, Mahad Abdiaziz Adbiraham plead guilty to an attack he carried out at the Mall of America last year, an attack where he stabbed two people.

More interesting than the pleading of his guilt, however, is the reason he stated for stabbing two people who were shopping.

He stabbed those two people in answer to a “call for jihad by the Chief of Believer, Abu-bakr Al-baghdadi, may Allah protect him, and by the Mujahiden of the Islamic State.” He went on to reaffirm that yes, his attack was carried out in the name of ‘Allah.’

This is a big difference from the national coverage, which tried to claim when the stabbing occurred that it was little more than a theft gone wrong.

It’s strange that the updated story didn’t make national news.

Mahad, who believes America is at war with Islam, is of Somali descent. No sentence has yet been handed down in his case.

Also on Thursday, a Denver convert to Islam was given a life sentence for murdering a Denver-area security guard.

Joshua Cummings murdered Scott Van Lanken in January 2017 by shooting him in the neck from behind. Though investigators say that there’s no connection to ISIS, Cummings is said to have heeded the call that ISIS issued in September 2014, well before the senseless murder.

Also on Thursday, Edward Archer’s trial began in Philadelphia. Archer converted to Islam later in life, but in January 2016 he attempted to murder a police officer.

He approached and shot the officer 13 times, but failed to kill him. He was arrested and taken before Judge Leon Tucker to enter his plea.

Rather than enter a standard plea or a plea of silence, Archer replied to the honorable Judge Tucker that “I don’t plead to anyone but Allah.”

When pressed for a motive behind his attempt to murder officer Jesse Hartnett, his response was simple. He simply replied that “police bend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the Quran.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, on the other hand, decided that the shooting had “nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith,” because apparently Kenney’s Bachelor’s degree in Political Science also qualifies him to read minds.

Finally, on Tuesday, January 23, a soldier based in Hawaii was charged with attempting to support the Islamic State.

An informant said that Sergeant First Class (SFC) Ikaika Kang was fixated on violence, and watched videos created by the Islamic State repeatedly. He also made statements about committing a suicide bombing against ‘non-Muslims,’ and even talked about bombing Schofield Barracks.’

He also met informants he believed to be ISIS agents and provided them with classified military information.

He also provided these informants (who he believed to be ISIS agents) with a drone, military gear, and even provided them combat training.

Kang was arrested in July, after having been tracked by the military, federal, and local law enforcement for a year.

Do any of these stories sound familiar? If you lived locally to the stories, you may have heard about them. But the mainstream media refused to carry the stories nationally, even though they are important.

The reason behind this is easy to understand. President Obama’s administration repeatedly claimed that Islamic terrorism was no threat. His policies were based on this idea, and it undermined the nation’s ability to react to, and prevent such terrorism, as well as allowing Islamofascism to fester. It even made the military terrified of identifying members who were leaning toward such extremism!

It’s time that these stories be publicized, and it’s time that ‘See Something, Say Something’ be applied to every group. The safety of the nation might well depend upon it.