PUBLISHED: 5:51 PM 13 Jul 2017

5 Million Immigrants Just Granted Citizenship Didn’t Even Pass

5 Million New American Citizens Failed Part Of The Citizenship Test

5 Million New American Citizens Failed Part Of The Citizenship Test

5 Million New American Citizens Failed Part Of The Citizenship Test

During the presidential election season, the candidates spent a lot of time talking about immigration. While Hillary Clinton was a proponent of the open borders system, Donald Trump wanted to remove all the illegal immigrants. The key word there is “illegal,” as in people that bypass the immigration system.

As for the legal immigrants, they don’t have an issue for the most part. They stay out of trouble, pay taxes and work to become an American citizen. Unfortunately, some of them are not helping their case to become a citizen of the United States.

To become a “naturalized citizen,” eligible immigrants must take a citizenship test. Included in the exam is the ability to “be able to read, write, and speak basic English.”That’s literally what U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) says is part of the exam, but that is where the trouble lies.

Part Of The Exam Is Basic Levels Of Reading And Speaking English

Part Of The Exam Is Basic Levels Of Reading And Speaking English

Unfortunately, about 32 percent of the naturalized citizens, or about five million, are below the “basic” level in English according to a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies. That’s literally the equivalent of being able to function, but illiterately. So even though they are technically American citizens, they aren’t fulfilling the rules of the citizenship exam.

What makes this worse is that immigrants that are in the United States for 15 years or more are failing as well. Two-thirds of Immigrants in the country for that time period are “below basic” in terms of speaking and writing English. So not only are they ignoring one of the rules to become a United States citizen, they’re not even trying!

Yes learning a new language is hard, but it’s one of the requirements to become a citizen. The worst part is that these people are passing! However, the reason they are passing is because the Government’s English test isn’t as demanding as a test from the Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC).

In other words, the government is having some sort of a lenient citizenship test just to make sure that people can pass. According to Jason Richwine, the author of the report, lays out some of the issues.

According to the PIAAC definition for literacy, it’s “understanding, evaluating, using, and engaging with written text to participate in society, to achieve one’e goals, and to develop ones knowledge and potential.” That’s not what the government uses though.

The Government's Test For Citizenship Is Completely Different Than What It Should Be.

The Government’s Test For Citizenship Is Completely Different Than What It Should Be.

Applicants for the naturalization process only need to “read aloud one out of three sentences correctly.” They also only need to “write one out of three sentences correctly” in order to prove their abilities in the English language. A 33% success rate is literally a failing grade in school, and yet it’s a passing attempt to become a citizen!

Making things worse is the fact that when certain applicants reach a certain age and residency milestone, they don’t have to take the reading and writing test. So just by being in the country for a certain amount of time, and reaching a certain age, they don’t have to prove that they can understand and speak English at a basic level.

As Richwine points out, “Does a person who passes this test sound ready to fully participate in the nation’s social, economic, and civic interchange?” The answer is no, and that is how the Democrats are able to continuously get a high percentage of immigrant votes.

There are other avenues done in the citizenship test, like answering questions about the history of the United States. According to USCIS, hopeful applicants must “have a basic understanding of U.S. history and government (civics).” However, it doesn’t matter how much they know about the history, if they can’t even communicate it! If they can’t communicate it, then the lies from the Democrats are just going to be sucked up into votes.

Lots Of Immigrants Vote For Democrats.

Lots Of Immigrants Vote For Democrats.

That could be one of the reasons that the Democrats are constantly trying to protect the illegal immigrants. How else does it explain the fact that California Governor Jerry Brown cut money from the budget for American education, but put MORE money into illegal immigrant programs?

Obviously becoming an American citizen has perks, including the right to vote. However, Democrats have been doing their best to go around this pesky rule, and were using DMV’s to register non-citizens to vote. Nevada’s Secretary of State discovered this and went to put a stop to it.

Becoming an American citizen is a wonderful milestone. Unfortunately, the people that are taking the test aren’t even passing one of the basic rules. This lack of effort and education is only going to play right into the Democrats hands.