PUBLISHED: 6:13 PM 12 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 6:18 PM 12 Dec 2017

5 Dead: After 2006 Deportation Halted, Illegal Alien “Disappointed” By Verdict In Hammer Killing

Luc (pictured) cut the water pipes to flood the crime scene after his murder. He also used paint and bleach to hide his deeds,

Luc (in red) cut the water pipes to flood the crime scene after his murder. He also used paint and bleach to hide his deeds,

Every day it seems that there is a new heinous story about what an illegal alien has done in America. Oftentimes, that deed is murder. When this is observed, the left often implies that it is a bigoted observation, but it is not. It is merely a statement of fact which says that those who don’t apply legally are likely not able to due to criminal records and/or fleeing justice in their host nations. Think about it, U.S. travelers to Mexico don’t sneak in, they apply legally to enter. Those who do otherwise are often fleeing U.S. justice.

Fox News reports today that Binh Thai Luc from Vietnam is looking at spending the rest of his life in prison “after being convicted Monday in the 2012 hammer-killing of a family of five.” He committed this repellent act after “losing money in a casino,” according to reports.

As is often the case with illegals, he has a long history of violence and was likely someone who Vietnam was thrilled to be free of. He was to have been deported in 2006, but that fell through because the Asian nation did not want him back, in essence. Not only has he killed a family of five Chinese for no reason (showing how illegal aliens also hurt minorities, like Asians), but he was also “found guilty of five counts of attempted robbery and two counts of burglary.”

Luc was to known to have racked up considerable debts and was even facing eviction at the time of his malice. He murdered the family following a loss that he suffered at a casino on March 23, 2012.

Authorities found that the family had kept thousands of dollars at the residence and this is obvious by the fact that killer had $6,500 of their money on him when he was arrested.  Luc is said to have made good on his many debts after he slaughtered the family with the hammer.

This was a very gruesome, brutal murder, and we’re pleased we’re getting some accountability for the family and for the community,” admitted District Attorney George Gascón while talking to The San Francisco Chronicle.

Blood from one of the family members was found on the Luc’s jeans and this oversight on his part helped lead to his conviction. Also, it seems that the Chinese were a frequent target for this Vietnam national since he spent ten years behind bars in 1996 for robbing a Chinese eatery. He was to be deported, but Vietnam failed to supply the proper documents, and as President Trump has stated, migration laws are set against the United States. This is something that the prudent U.S. leader aims to change, thankfully.

This is the home that Luc robbed. He beat the family to death with a hammer, reports confirm.

Luc plans to fight this verdict as he claims that a Chinatown gangster or a family members x-boyfriend carried out the killings, not he. There seems to be no evidence whatsoever to support this claim, however.

This is what happens when migration laws are not honored and when other nations get to simply hold back a few sheets of paper in order to force the U.S. to accept the worst of the worst.

Regardless of what the Democrats argue to the contrary, Donald Trump must change this flawed structure into a system that really works for all of America.

Sources: Fox News – The San Francisco Chronicle