PUBLISHED: 4:48 PM 16 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 4:48 PM 16 Mar 2017

48 Hours Later: Judge ‘Coincidentally’ Blocks 2nd Trump Travel Ban As Obama Visits His Island


Did Obama work to sway a federal judge against Trump’s travel ban?

When the former President of the U.S, William “Bill” Clinton, met on the tarmac with Loretta Lynch while his wife was under FBI investigation, many questions were asked. Scouring the internet does not really uncover a reason for the meeting, making it even more suspicious. There are links galore quoting how Lynch “regrets the meeting,” but that is likely only because of the “fallout,” not because she is sorry.

Someone else tethered to the scandal (at least by proxy) is another former leader, Obama. He recently just had the same kind of “chance coincidence” in Hawaii. By “dumb luck” we gather, Obama visited his alleged home state of Hawaii only two short days before that state refused to enforce Trump’s travel ban. While “proof” that Obama nudged the federal judge is hard to produce, it is not hard to deduce a few things.


While Obama’s trip to Hawaii may have been unannounced, are we to imagine that nobody was informed before he got off of the plane?

For starters, Obama appointed the judge. When someone is given a job by someone that they really like, they tend to stay loyal even when asked to sometimes assist in things that they otherwise wouldn’t. Fake news may say that this meeting happened for sure, thus smearing US District Court Judge Derrick Watson. Or they would run to Obama’s aid crying, “conjecture, he is innocent!” It is safer to take the middle ground and say safely that it is VERY hard to believe otherwise, even for card carrying Democrats.

What makes the visit even shadier is the reason that Watson gives for refusing the enforcement of the ban, citing statements made by Trump in the past about Muslims. The president has said that most Muslim nations and those within are harming no one and may travel here. He has also said that those nations that promote terrorism may NOT have their citizens come to the United States where they will bring harm to others. Is this the kind of statement that Watson opposes? If so, how is that unreasonable?


Regardless of if lawsuits happen or not, Trump’s travel ban may have seen a hurdle influenced by Obama.

If Watson thinks that Trump was being “racist” (though Islam is not a race), that is not grounds for disobeying the proper rule of law, either. If the president were racist, something that he has denied and shown no signs of, it would still not mean that his duty to protect the people diminishes at all. As long as he deals fairly with the Muslim world, which he has by allowing 85 percent of Muslims to come and go peacefully, his personal view doesn’t matter. This would be the case if the president were himself Muslim, as a matter of fact. His job would still be to protect the American people from threats, both foreign and domestic.

A former classmate of Obama’s at Harvard, Watson could have easily been swayed, in theory. Regardless, The Honolulu Star has said that Obama “made an unannounced return to Hawaii Monday.” Now with the kind of detail that former presidents get, are we really to believe that the moment that he touched down, half of the elite in Hawaii did not have ringing cell phones? Paul Joseph Watson pointed out that Reddit users found that Obama dined at the Noi Thai restaurant. It’s “likely within 5 minutes of the judge’s house at one point on the drive over.” That shows a prime opportunity for contact.


A Somali terror attack on a hotel there killed 14 people and wounded many other (pictured). Trump aims to ban travel from Somalia over such acts.

Now some will give Obama a pass again by pointing out that Hawaii is not that big of a state. While that is true, how many passes can he be given? After all, a site called PopSugar published that “Obama played golf but was ‘still making time to take care of business’ as he met with tech leaders and that ‘his return to politics might be sooner than we think.’” Is it too much to ask if this “business” may have included a federal judge to defy the Commander in Chief? Might it be a bit of a sour position for the judge to be in and decline, with Obama playing golf under his nose?

Maybe Obama simply called the judge on the phone and asked him, and Watson said “yes.” It is not as dramatic, but it is just as brazen and potentially illegal. It is certainly not the kind of maneuver that Obama would have wanted when he was in office. Then again, who has ever accused him of having such concerns? He is driven by a desire to see the methods of George Soros, who may be investigated himself for shady dealings with the Obama administration, take root. That quasi “feelings first over substance” brand of salesmanship that bankrupts lives and furthers NWO power is what drives the left. If that means ruining the run of another U.S. leader, then so be it. He cares nothing for what a Trump failure means for America.


These Al-Qaeda linked radicals pictured took over a town in Yemen. Should those terrorists posing as tourists be allowed to travel from there to the United States?

Considering what Obama did to Libya, and the general level of corruption during his 8 years, is it too hard to see Obama doing this in Honolulu? It is more than plausible that most Democrats on the left would work to hurt America if it could be blamed on the “hateful elements and deplorable” voting for Trump. They would peddle this derailing as a platform to display how right they always were.

They already find those who love liberty as beyond redemption and have even publicly stated it. They have leaked Donald Trump’s tax returns instead of simply waiting for the audit to end, lied about Russian hacks, hookers, and more. The left has slandered his character, leaked his proceedings, and insulted his young son. It is more than reasonable to suspect that Obama did in some way communicate with Judge Watson or work to push his hand in some way. To think otherwise is to not think at all, especially when confronted with the evidence mentioned above.