PUBLISHED: 11:45 PM 27 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 11:43 PM 28 Dec 2017

450,000 Flee ‘Immigration’ Surge, Liberals FURIOUS As Exodus Show True Policy Cost

Liberal politicians seem dumbfounded by the masses fleeing their ever tightening grip.

Liberal politicians seem dumbfounded by the masses fleeing their ever tightening grip.

Three blue states watched as 450,000 citizens fled from the constraints of their liberal laws between July 2016 and July 2017 according the United States Census Bureau. Many Americans have made the move from their liberal states after years of socialist driven, rights restricting legislation have ruined them. The migration may also spell disaster for red states that liberals immigrate to if they continue to vote for the same policies.

New York watched during this time period as 190,000 people ditched the liberal haven controlled by a few cities. New York state is controlled by city leftists, while the more rural areas of New York the population is decidedly right leaning. If districts were counted instead of populations New York would have never gone blue.

The laws in New York reflect the value of the liberals in the cities despite the fact they occupy only a small portion of the state. New York currently has a ban on magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, a lot of sub compacts hold more than 10 rounds, much less full-size pistols. The state also taxes its residents 6.45-6.85% of their income. New York is also riddled with “sin” regulations that ban gambling and force higher taxes and restrictions on products such as tobacco and alcohol.

New York is dominated by a small portion of the state with liberal strongholds, as demonstrated by the the 2016 presidential election map.

New York state had 73,000 more births than deaths, and their net migration was negative 60,000, so although far more people are leaving the state than entering, their population growth was 13,000. Other states such as Illinois were not as lucky, and their surplus of births was not nearly enough to offset the fleeing masses during this time period.

Illinois has been plagued by perpetual democrat dominance for years in the legislature. Year after year Illinois continues to lose chunks of its population due to liberal legislation. With their tax base abandoning them the state is struggling to deal with pensions they can no longer pay. The democrats have doubled down on their failed policies and continue to raise taxes on its residents to pay for their failed programs. About 115,000 residents left the state during the one-year period, making that 650,000 since 2010.

Illinois raised their income tax from 3.75% to 4.95 percent in order to cover their ridiculous expenditures. The higher Illinois raises its taxes the more willing its population is to leave. The state of Illinois has also enacted a ban on magazines that hold more than 16 rounds. A standard full size pistol such as the CZ-75 TS holds 20 rounds when chambered in 9mm. The state has effectively outlawed an entire class of full size pistols. The state is also hostile to out of state residents with firearm permits and does not allow them to carry.

The gun laws in Illinois have done nothing to curb the violence in their major city Chicago. Notice anything about the other cities that top the charts for violence?

In California, 138,000 residents fled the blue state. The top marginal income tax rate in California is an astronomical 13.3%. Residents pay this on top of the federal income tax and are losing huge portions of their wages to pay for liberal agendas and illegal immigrants. California takes in more foreign nationals than any other state in the union and because of this net migration was 27,000 in the positive. The natives are being pushed out by legal and illegal foreign nationals.

California’s democrat run and has been for years so their liberal agenda runs much deeper than their crazy tax rates. California has a 10-round limit on magazines which means a great deal of firearms sold in the states must be modified for them to be legal. California is home to sanctuary cities which are incredibly dangerous, Kate Steinle was just shot and killed in one by an illegal immigrant who was a seven-time felon that had been deported five times already. He was found not guilty on all murder charges as well.

California need their huge marginal tax rates in order to pay for all of the illegals and their consumption of public welfare and services.

Liberal states run by democrats are watching as their native populations flee in search of states not riddled with illegal immigrants, high taxes, unconstitutional gun regulation and crime. States like Idaho are seeing massive growth as the American masses wake up to the destruction caused by liberal and democratic leadership.

As long as those fleeing the failed liberal states do not carry the ideas which crushed their home states with them, there are many other places in the union willing to welcome them in with open arms.