Muslims Attack Hospital Staff

PUBLISHED: 12:57 AM 14 Feb 2018

4 Muslims Charged With Attempted Murder Of Hospital Staff In Sweden

One of the men was a doctor who had previously worked at the hospital.

Four Muslim men were charged with attempted murder after their attack on the hospital.

The Skarholmen Health Care Center was the scene of the latest Muslim attack in StockholmSweden. Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. police were called to the hospital after a group of violent Muslims stormed the place.

A disgraced former doctor and four of his cohorts became belligerent with staff members and began demanding to have access to the rooms at the hospital.

The staff denied the gang access to the hospital and the group began savagely attacking them. The attacks were so brutal, four of the men have been charged with attempted murder, and if the fifth was not a minor, he too would likely be facing similar charges.

Three of the Middle Eastern men charged needed an interpreter. The “doctor” had affiliations with the hospital at one time, however, he was exposed as a hack when he botched several surgeries forcing the government to shut down his practice.

Sweden has been suffering from the mass influx of Middle Eastern and African Muslim men. Sweden was once one of the safest places in the world to live and enjoyed one of the highest standards of living, however, the entire country has been in a downward spiral since the leaders welcomed in the third world.

Sweden has taken in more Muslim refugees since the “crisis” than any other western nation in the world, and the transformation that has taken place is horrifying. Sweden is now the rape capital of Europe.

Music festivals have been a hotbed for Muslim assaults. The men from these third world countries surround women in a circle.

Once the women are surrounded. the men in the center will rape the women while those surrounding block the crime from view, and keep out those who try to stop the savages.

“Taharrush Gamea” is what they call these attacks in the Arab world where they are a common occurrence. This is part of the culture they have imported, yet many Swedish are paralyzed, they fear that if they speak out against the foreign invasion, they will be browbeaten by the community who are willing to ignore the facts if it means they can virtue signal.

One city in Sweden, Fittja has been completely taken over by Muslim migrants. Not surprisingly, the city is known for its particularly heinous crime which occurs at extraordinary rates. One Swedish woman was raped in a stairwell by a horde of Muslim migrants.

When she escaped, no one in the Muslim city would help her, she had to travel to Stockholm to get help. The attackers filmed the brutal attack and have since been charged.

These cases are not isolated, they are the norm. Lobbies in police stations in Sweden are dominated by women there to report rapes.

The problem was so pervasive that the Swedish police tried to cover it up in an effort to keep people from thinking they were “racist.”

Sweden used to pride itself on their ability to grant women equality and stand up for women’s rights. Now there are many areas in Sweden that are dangerous for women to travel.

There are entire enclaves where women not dressed according to Islamic code are subject to harassment and other violent crimes. Many of these places police consider no-go zones for tourist and the media.

Migrants are also known for rioting in the streets. They come out in hordes during celebrations and take to the streets to burn cars and destroy business fronts.

The media and police in Sweden are reluctant to identify the perpetrators of these crimes, although it is well documented and there is plentiful video footage.

The government has welcomed in the third world with a massive social welfare system. These people receive housing, clothing, schooling, food, healthcare, and cash, just for being in the country. The social safety nets of Sweden are being drained by this third world population they have accepted.

This gang of migrants raiding a hospital in Sweden and violently attacking the staff is the type of crime that would have never occurred prior to the mass migration.

Mass rapes and no-go zones did not exist before Sweden welcomed in the third world. The solution to the woes of Sweden today is found in their past, they must repatriate the population they have imported that is destroying their country from within, less Sweden as we know it, be lost forever.