PUBLISHED: 10:38 PM 16 Jan 2017

4 Days Left Until Dems Unleash Planned Riots, Protesters Being Paid To Fight Trump In Final “Stand”


Who Is Paying These Protesters?

If you have turned on a television set to some news station, odds are that you have seen some people that are protesting the election of Donald Trump. Despite the fact that he was elected fairly, people still think that they are going to change the outcome by throwing a hissy fit.

Yes, this is seriously what the modern liberal believes. They are doing whatever they can to try and not have Trump inaugurated. Ever since his victory on election night, there have been people protesting because they couldn’t believe the outcome. Liberals need to learn when they have lost.

However the fight is still occurring, as more and more liberals are threatening to protest his inauguration ceremony. They are honestly going to protest, well riot actually, to try and ensure that Trump does not become the next president. So how do they get so many people? It helps when people are actually getting paid to protest.

There are several protest groups out there that are determined to make sure that Trump isn’t elected. As stated before, liberals are going to his inauguration and they are going to create blockades and destroy public property. In other words, they are going to riot just to make sure that Trump’s ceremony is affected.


There Have Been Several Protests Already

The principal organizer of the protests is a group known as #DisruptJ20, and they have been advertising for people to join them in a “bold mobilization against the inauguration of Donald Trump.” Either they don’t understand that Trump is going to be president no matter what, or they are going to create so much damage that a scene is caused.

In other words, they’re going to create a full-fledged riot.

As stated earlier, there are several groups that are getting to get together to go out and protest Trump’s inauguration. However only one group so far has said that they are going to pay the people that are protesting with them.

Yes a far left group called Demand Protest is paying $2,500 a month for “activists” to go out and stop Trump. Their flyer, which appears on a Tulsa, Oklahoma free classified section, is asking for “…operatives to help send a strong message at upcoming inauguration protests.” What’s the message, that you’re stupid and don’t believe in democracy?

Flyer Against Trump

This Was One Of The Pages Set Up

However this is where it gets REALLY interesting. This is a ton of money to give a bunch of protesters. They are offering $2,500 a month, with all travel expenses paid, for all these protesters. Over the course of one year, that is AT LEAST $30,000 a year. Considering that there are thousands and thousands of people protesting, that is a tremendous amount of money.

Not many people can afford to spend that much, unless they were super rich. They would have to be rich like liberal billionaire George Soros.

Now there isn’t definitive proof that Soros is funding this, but there are several factors that make it more than likely that he is behind the funding. Consider these facts; he is a BILLIONAIRE, has provided funding for riots before, and the Obama White House just came out and said that they don’t think Trump’s presidency win was legitimate. Add up all those factors and it just screams that someone is funding these protests and riots.

Soros has been linked to several Black Lives Matter riots and protests before. This is what the #DisruptJ20 group is planning to do. They are going to do what they can to cause as much destruction as possible, which is indeed a riot. If he has funded one group before, there is no question that he would fund the other groups.

They are up in arms considering that the White House admitted that they don’t think Trump’s presidency was legitimate. Once that was heard, why wouldn’t Soros and other globalist billionaires do what they can to help out? This is especially relevant when you consider the fact that Soros has opposed Trump from the beginning, giving a tremendous amount of money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


Soros Has Funded Other Riots Before

Again, since Hillary lost, Soros and other liberals are looking for other ways to try and stop Trump from getting inaugurated. One way is by having all of these protesters cause as much damage and destruction as possible. Remember, the left never has protests that are spontaneous; they always have paid activists to spread their message.

Keep in mind that there is supposed to be a law coming out soon that is going to charge protesters with economic terrorism. That means if they are going to cause a riot, which these people are planning to do, then they are going to have to pay an enormous fine, along with serving jail time.

It’s one thing to protest about losing the election, because that is just stupid. It’s a whole different issue to find out that the protesters consisted of people that didn’t vote! Seriously these people that are going out and protesting and rioting are people that didn’t even vote in the election. How messed up is that?

Share this article to show everyone that there are far left groups that are willing to pay protesters to go out and create a scene. There are very few people that could actually afford to do that, and one of them is George Soros. He has done this before; what is stopping him this time?